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BlackBerry 10 Officially Announced: Is There Should Be Feared By Windows Phone?

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

Some time ago, a mobile device company better known as RIM has announced the emergence of a new device called BlackBerry 10. With two devices Q10 starter who still carry the traditional QWERTY design and Z10 carrying fulltouchscreen design and carry candybar design. Some operators in Indonesia had been racing to bring these devices to welcome the public interest will be the emergence of new devices from RIM.

But there are questions that will tickle the emergence of BlackBerry 10, namely whether the Windows Phone should be aware of the presence of these 10 BB? article of the Windows Phone operating system is old that has reincarnated into the new display to mediate disputes between iOS and Android is increasingly heated.

There is little doubt for some people out there that BB 10 has the same level when it should be compared with Microsoft. The international media has so far been much more enthusiastic or even forgive the reincarnation of BB 10 is when compared to what is done by Microsoft where Microsoft really showcases fresh ideas and really freshdari thoughts compared to the reincarnation of another operating system at least pinch several factors from other operating systems. Indeed, it is reasonable in the development of technology, but what is done by Microsoft is really a yagn something really fresh. Due to a wave of support from the international media out there, the BlackBerry with a new face appear more confident.

In addition to the support of the international media, the BlackBerry also always get support from your country of destination. Commencing in Indonesia there are some great operators who are eager to adopt these devices.

Currently Apple and Android operating systems are two alternating diligently fill sales market smartphonedi global markets, and managed to suck a lot of customers from the left and right. And in moments like this, Windows Phone

Although Windows Phone now has failed to 'explode', but growth has increased four-fold compared with last year. With attractions such as the HTC hardwareyang 8X and Lumia 920 looked tough, get a BlackBerry against Windows Phone just the two devices?

One source who had tried to charm new of 10 BB's to say that the view taken by BB 10 is very boring and quite bland. As the operating system meets the zoom with icons everywhere just like iOS, Android, and even MeeGo. Is to look like will work well enough? RIM should be able to give a different look as well as iOS and Android are filled with rows and rows of icons.
Would it work well? However, BlackBerry has done a pretty good job that most users will get something, but it's not the game display interface.

If you want to komparasikan with Windows Phone as a business phone, the BlackBerry does not have Office, SkyDrive, OneNote (although they try to BlackBerryRemember), no Lync, GroupMe, Yammer or SharePoint and other applications and services in mobile real Time should collaborate with the users with the appropriate OS.

Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 comes with close proximity simultaneously. Is it too SmartGlass or Office or SkyDrive, the two operating systems will allow users to experience desktop, tablet and mobile phones are all the same. BlackBerry can not compete with that environment and has no synergy.

Much attention was focused on how many BlackBerry applications that support the newest devices this. And some big-name apps available for BB 10 while this:

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Foursquare, Whatsapp, Amazon Kindle, New York Times, The Economist, AtBat MLB, ESPN ScoreCenter, CBS Sports, PGA Tour, NHL Gamecenter, SportsTracker, ATP, UFC Cisco WebEx, Bloomberg, Evernote, SAP, Citrix , SoundHound, The WeatherChannel, BBC Top Gear, eMusic, Slacker, Songza, TuneIn Radio, Paper Camera, Box, DropBox, ooVoo, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Dictionary.com, Flixster, andStubhub

We can see that there is no Instagram, Pandora, Amazon Mobile, CNN, USA Today, Groupon, Netflix, LastPass, uTorrentRemote, Audible, eBay, Fandango, UrbanSpoon, Foodspotting, GroupMe, IMDb, YouTube, TripIt, PayPal, MyFitnessPal.
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