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Best iPhone Applications You Need To Have

Sabtu, 16 Februari 20130 komentar

iPhone 5 was still fresh in our ears, the iPhone 5S is crowded again discussed. So rapidly growing smartphone OS including Andaroid. Berkebang fast OS, apps that support it are also growing. Hundreds of thousands of applications created for use on the iPhone. You just choose which one you need it. However, it is impossible to try them all. We still need guidance or direction be it from friends, print or web media technology. It requires avid smartphone users to read and think about the needs, benefits and other considerations to have an application because the application did not set all free. In general, higher-quality paid apps than free, but not forever free app that bad.

For those of you who are new to buying a new iPhone or iPhone 5 might be a little confused of where to complete your iPhone applications to keep up with other iPhone-iPhone. Or for you who do not have the actual applications that must exist in your smartphone, Paseban will give some recommendations on the best apps for iPhone. Well, here's the application.


The most important thing for a smartphone is contact. When we talk about smartphones not only the contact phone number of someone alone, it has included a Twitter account, Facebook or another. Even though you are anti-social network, still need this application to make it easier to see the contacts in your iPhone. Brewster can show a face in every contact you have. Not only the actual contact, we can also complete with address, email or other information, it's just the picture of someone who makes us remember. Brwester theme can also be changed to change if you have the time to set up the theme in his eye-catching.

The application is free and is only 6.8 MB in size. Your device has at least iOS 4.3 or above. Can be installed on the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Dashlane an application password manager. We can store all passwords in the application. Later after the password is stored in the application we do not need to type the password each want to get into any account. Dashlane using auto-complete technology. What we need is to make the password as strong as possible for as passwords stored Dashlane all here. As far away from you, Dashlane password must be enabled.

This application is free, but the free version you will find some shortcomings and limitations. In the free version we will not be able to auto-login to your account website. If you want to subscribe to pay U.S. $ 4.99 / month if you want long-term U.S. $ 39.99 per year. If you do not want to pay you can become agents of their campaign to invite your friends using this application. Friends with whom you are going to generate points that can be exchanged for a premium account.


When people are asked to download what it is, most would recommend Evernote. Why? Different answers will attack you. Yes, because Evernote is very much a function. When we discussed all functions may not quite 5 pages on this website. Evernote is a personal application, so it also depends on the func-taking. To start maybe we could use his To Do List, notes, calendar, backup tweet, email, and so forth. This application must be not only on the iPhone but on all smartphones.

Onavo Extend

Extend Onavo is an application that can reduce data consumption on your smartphone. In addition to speed up internet connection he can also save the data package you have. Onavo is also very easy to customize. You can give small arrangements that are beneficial. This application works automatically when you start Internet activity and automatically suppress the use of data. There is a statistical presentation of data usage as well as from Onavo. How much is your data usage for a month.


This application is a photo editing application. Maybe you have your own applications for editing photos but New Tech suggest to try Snapseed. Snapseed has a complete tool for editing photos for the mobile phone category. Snapseed some excellent features such as autocorrect, adjustment, and increased effect. Snapseed also makes you share your photos with your friends on social networks. Snapsedd worth U.S. $ 5, it's a pretty good price compared to other photo applications. And Snapseed has fitu sophisticated features and not inferior to photo editing application is more expensive.
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