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Become A Bartender In Game Bartender Mix Genius

Jumat, 15 Februari 20130 komentar

Schools in hospitality or in flight school for flight attendants is fun if you are able to mix drinks. Yes, being a bartender is a profession that is now increasingly favored by young people, because in addition to his work fun, there are also a lot of bartender competitions held by the race organizers.

But for those who do not attend school in the hospitality or airlines do not get discouraged, you can play Android games on this one. Bartender Mix Genius is a casual game launched by developer DEV-GAME. Although the game from the developer is not very much noticed by the users of Android, but games Bartender Mix Genius is able to raise the prestige of the developers.

Miguel, a barman with a flat expression on the face that will surely be the main attraction, because of all the steps to make a drink, his expression impassive. But if he had tried the drink, then his expression changes. There are 20 bottles of drinks that you can use to mix the best drinks you make, ice cubes and lemon as a complement of the drink.

To play this game is easy, for a simple concoction you can start by adding one bottle into the glass shake, to measure up to you. to pour, click and hold down pour to your taste. After that, you can mix it with pouring back from another bottle. Do you fill too full, because the ice cubes do not you enter, as well as lemon. If everything has been entered, you click and hold to shake start shaking. When finished, you can click on the serve, and wait for the results after Miguel drink your concoction.

Expression of time after drinking concoction will make you laugh, sometimes drinks can make him happy, sometimes set him on fire, wanting to vomit, even make it die. Each drink concoction, will earn points, and these points would open the bottle - another unopened bottle, it also depends on what you drink concoction racik, whether successful or not.

If it still fails with the first concoction, you can try again with a different concoction. Few tips from Paseban, to get a decent result from mixing drinks that you use, give the size of three quarters to pour alcoholic beverages, can play for the first time you try it with a white bottle (vodka). Then after pouring vodka, mixed with a little orange juice, then insert ice cubes and shake. Once shaken, do not click on serve, but take a lemon so that later it will be lemon garnish of the drink.

Now try to see what happens when she finished drinking the concoction. Usually the expression would be happy or just flat, but he drank twice, recipes you use successful. And success was paid for with a great points and other bottles that had been closed to open.

If you want to unlock all of the collection bottle, surely you must be clever - clever thinking how to mix the drink. Even if you mix a concoction that you use it - it's just a continuous - time, then the other bottle will remain open. Therefore, you should think about the best way to get the best expression of Miguel. Miguel is the best expression of the after drinking drink concoction you, then he's going to play the guitar. And the best for mixing drinks, drinks you will be illuminated by the yellow light, which is considered by Miguel that it is the best drink ever he drank.

To download this game, you at least Android version 1.6 and above users. Game size is relatively small and there is no additional data download, which is only 1.9MB only. Interested in playing this game? Please download this game here.
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