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Be Manager in Football Manager Game ala Android and iOS Big Win Soccer

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Managerial type game with a team may already be familiar to players of football games. Games became a manager of a football team that has been known as Football Manager, FIFA Manager and the other is a game that successfully satisfy gamers who like to take care of the football club. In Android and iOS games with this type of game is not new, but unfortunately the game with the type of managerial football clubs received less attention. Attention mobile gamers more into puzzle, racing, adventure and others. This time let's try this game using only reasonable course, test your ability to manage the success of a club, be it performance or finances are also in the game Big Win.

About Big Win Soccer

Game football manager Android and iOS is not going to tell you to play a club game consoles are like FIFA, Wining Eleven and other football games. We only serve as a regulator of the strategy team, set formations, buy players, pick a team player and events manager of a football club. There are no buttons to create a unique motion, we just tap-tap, and tap it to decide something like negotiating player salaries, substitute players and formation. As previously mentioned, just use common sense and logic.

In addition to Win Soccer Bib, developers also released another version of the sport that is managerial, basketball and American Football. You live in the App Store search for each platform.

Early Plays

At the beginning of the game, we must first establish a football team that will become the club that we care. Formation process is like giving the name of the club, player customization, policy formation and other club setting. After completion of the process of making the club, then you start with activities manager and immediately compete.

To upgrade our team or players depending on the card, the game is reminiscent of Yugi Oh or Pokemon. By buying a pack of cards consisting of several types of cards such as bronze, silver, and others we'll get a few items such as to improve the status of the player, change the jersey and so forth. You should also be able to see the players, who need to be given additional status and who does not need because getting those items in the cards in the set while we randomly chose one of the five cards. There are so many types of items provided by these cards makes the game more dynamic.


When you are ready to play some kind of game is waiting for you. There are three types of games in this game is the Daily Trophy, Trophy Friends, and Quick Game. Each type of game will provide instructions for you as well as a complete tutorial so you know what to do when they want to play. But Daily and Friends Trophy Trophy tournament is different for each player due to our entry into the Daily subuah Trophy tournament and play time has been determined. Friends while we play with our own friends. For Quick Game, the server will randomly pick our opponents. Then we can select up to three cards cards and be ready to play.

That might be a shortage of the game for new players who are not able to be a player role in the game, we just watched the match, we can only change the players and team formation. But for those who like the Football Manager will feel fun. We are engaged in a game of emotion. We get annoyed when our players got a yellow or red card, we were annoyed because the opponent was able to score, especially the opponent's score from the spot (penalty) all. This is where the game fun football team manager, emotional.

As time passes and the number of games you go through the coins that you have will also increase. Coins are useful for buying the cards in order to improve the quality of your club team. Initially you may often defeated because you blum club has quality players. But the longer it will be more successful.

Download Big Win Soccer game at 18 MB for Android here, and a 23 MB for iOS here.
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