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Asus Vivobook S400C, Laptop Windows 8 Sailing HD 14 Inch

Selasa, 05 Februari 20130 komentar

Since the release of the operating system from Microsoft called Windows 8, a growing number of vendors are using this operating system in their products. The operating system is in fact intended primarily for touch screen gadget makes a lot of gadget vendors are especially laptops produce devices with touchscreen features. By showing this gadget to young people, Asus wants to attract the hearts of the next generation of hardware chic style with quality and excellence Asus software provided by Microsoft. And one of them is the newly launched laptop on the Asus, the Asus VivoBook S400C. How is the performance of the new Asus laptop? Here's the review.

Laptop that has a screen size of 14.1 inch is shaped like a laptop in general. With a high-quality touch screen technology typical Asus, making Windows 8 is embedded in Asus VivoBook can work optimally. This laptop is priced at a lumyan still be passed on to the laptop in its class, the 500 pounds or about 7 million.

To support the performance of Windows 8 is embedded in it, using Asus Intel Core i3 processor with a clock of 1.8 GHz and 4 GB of RAM. This processor is a processor-efficient in energy use in the work so that the laptop can last a long time. With these processors, considered highly enough to run Windows 8 applications with smooth and responsive. You will not find such barriers hang or lag when running applications in the operating system. All went smoothly and well dengna.

This laptop is in addition supported by the operating system and a powerful processor, the design of the Asus is also no less slick. With sturdy aluminum clad and tough makes this laptop looks luxurious and elegant. But behind the luxury design of this laptop, which held the weight heavy enough for a laptop in its class. With a weight of 2kg, you'll feel a little annoyed when carrying this laptop.

Features advanced touch-owned laptop is quite adequate to support the performance of Windows 8 is embedded in it. The screen is capable of displaying images properly and fairly clear. In addition to such greatness, the response to touch screen is also very good and there is no delay. So that applications that run on Windows 8 is really good and smooth. Similarly, when sliding the screen to scroll the page or switch applications. All good movements and displays fine.

As storage of laptops made by Asus, the included 500 GB storage media. Enough for those who like to collect pictures, music and videos in your gadget. Asus VivoBook S400C is not using the SSD (Solid State Drive) as a storage media. But with the hard drive you can still feel the maximum performance offered by this laptop. To support everything about the media in this case is an audio, embed Asus' Sonic Master "which incidentally has a good sound quality in all products Asus branded laptop. The resulting sound is good and clear.

The ports are useful for all the media you have available on the Asus laptop. Call it an HDMI port, VGA port, card reader slot, USB 2.0 port, USB 3.0 port and an ethernet port. Quite unfortunate at this laptop you will not find an optical drive. However, the problem can still be solved by using an external optical drive.

The advent of laptop Asus Asus VivoBook S400C is back providing a high quality product to consumers loyal. With a touch of Windows 8 back in new this product, make a maximum performance. With a powerful processor and RAM supported by the operating system of a slick and good-looking to add more value than this laptop. Coupled with the availability of the ports is complete and media communication makes this laptop is ideal for business people who need a gadget you are qualified but still stylish. Interested?
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