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Are You Sure Have Know How to Use Google?

Senin, 18 Februari 20130 komentar

Most may think you know, even willing to bet that you really know how use Google. It's true, if you know how to enter a query and press the Enter key, you know how to use Google. At least in its basic form, and if you do a search, you may also find the Google OneBox once or twice before.

What is OneBox? Although you may not have heard the name before, OneBox have long existed, and have helped you to get search results focused and clear. Have you been looking for local weather and get a small widget that shows the weather conditions today? This is an example of the OneBox, this will not be confused with the results of Knowledge Graph, which appears on the right side of the page. Knowledge Graph less than a year ago.

There are many useful things you can know from the OneBox. All you need to know is the proper syntax to activate it and you'll see something new from Google search results. It took all day to read these results because of the many, but there are some things that definitely do not want to miss. Searching Google search tips are more useful? Here are tips on how to use Google to get the results you want.


When you do a search for movies, books, music, and others, Google is full of surprises. Want to explore an artist's discography or filmography? Look for the film [the artist] or album [artist], for example, "James Franco movie," or "Radiohead album". This produces a visual display of all the movie or album, complete with cover, name and release date. Click on any album or movie for further reading on Knowledge Graph.

This also works if you're looking for a writer, find a book [the author]. You can get the list for sports teams in the same way, by searching the list [team sports]. You can also find the latest artist album to quickly find what is newly released. To find any movie you want to watch, find [name of movie].

Want to find the match schedule on your favorite football team? Find the name of the team, and all the upcoming matches and the recent progress will be displayed, complete with the score (if any), the opposing team, team logo, and time.


In the past, people count for something in their heads, or using pen and paper. Then start using a calculator to compute. Now, you do not even need to start or unlock your calculator to count for something, you just use Google. Google Calculator can handle everything from simple calculations to more complex. Things you have to do is look for similarities, and Google will present the results.

Want to continue counting with your results? Google Calculator is really useful, and you can use it to continue the calculation. You can also use Google to draw graphics, from the simple to the third dimension. Enter the equation in the search box and see what happens.

But, there's more calculation than mathematical equations. In daily life, we usually use the numbers as a measurement. We also can handle this. How many milliliters of water in a cup, or how many grams to an ounce? Google shows results immediately to all these questions. You can even play around with the dropdown menu to get more conversions.

The same trick works with currency conversion. Simply search for "23 usd in euros" or something similar, and you will get a direct conversion, complete with currency charts for some period of time.


You will be traveling to a place? Google displays search results OneBox for general aviation and flight information for a specific flight. Look for the [airline] [flight number] to find out where this flight today, where it came from, when and where it landed.

If you search for "flights from [X] to [Y]" you will find a list of flights that are available at this time. Try searching for [starting point] to [destination] and see what happens. This trick does not always work, but you can try and error to see what you get.

You have arrived at their destination and find out what should be done? Look for the "things to do in [place]", such as "things to do in New York", then this will produce a visual guide to the most popular local attractions or places of interest that can be visited. If you click on any of the results, then Google will display a specific result.

General Knowledge

Your search for health information? Google provides instant information on several diseases and drugs. Type the name of the disease to see the results. You are interested in a general knowledge? Google offers instant results to questions such as "how big is paris", "who is the president of Micronesia?", "How tall is the Empire State building?, And more.

Google also helps you in terms of language, by providing instant translation and instant dictionary definitions for the words in English. This does not work for every word in the English language, but it usually works for words that you may need definition.

To get an instant translation, look for "translate [the word] to [language]". This works in all supported languages ​​Google Translate.


You probably know how to use Google before, the trick is making it easier and more enjoyable. The most interesting part about it is that I keep adding more and more of this. You can find these terms and random questions to see if you can find the results OneBox.
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