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Adu Phablet 5 Inches, IMO S68 vs Pixcom Andro Note

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

The rise of 5 inches phablet product creation indicates that this type of phone has its own market share. Even many local vendors in the country seems to begin to look phablet 5 inches as the main product in this year. Some analysts believe that this year will explode phablet 5 inches and will be sought after consumers in the market.

Of course the choice even more difficult for the consumer, because the specs and looks almost identical. For this time, Pixcom and IMO will pit their products phablet 5 inches its tag of one million. Both carry Android Ice Cream Sandwich and support 1 Ghz processor. Let's look at the comparison and reviews of both these phablet.


Galaxy Note practically culprit for mobile 5 inches. Almost all of the designs lead to the Samsung's smartphone. Look desaian IMO S68. Physical home button and two soft keys back and have very similar menus Galaxy Note. While Pixcom AndroTab override this by giving four soft key (Left-Right, Home, menu, back and search). The back of the Galaxy Note also traced IMO S68, in addition to cover the orange peel pattern, the placement of the camera and speaker holes exactly the same, only in the S68 IMO no stylus and flash.

On the other hand it has been equipped Pixcom AndroNote flash, just placing it slightly laterally left, instead of in the middle like he has IMO S68 or Galaxy Note. So even with the speaker holes. Posts AndroNote displayed Pixcom as a form of identification a 5-inch Android phone Galaxy Note style. Cover the back together with the jacket as a protective screen. In Pixcom no shortcut to the camera like S68 IMO. To give the impression of a plain on each side, charger port, audio jack and the power button placed into one at the top. This is almost similar to the laying on IMO, just keep the charger port on the top side. While at the IMO, the camera shutter is on the left side. Press the shutter button a long time, then you will be taken straight to the camera feature.


Playing in the mobile segment 5 inches, making them have a large screen. When juxtaposed, Pixcom Andro Note somewhat longer. So the screen is slightly larger. If the S68 IMO fit 5 inches, while the 5.2-inch Note Pixcom Andro. Both phones use the premises capacitive screen resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Pixsel per inch S68 IMO rather tight property of Pixcom AndroNote for a smaller screen size, but it did not make the color and clarity of detail there are differences. The screen can rotate horizontally and vertically, such as Android phones in general. In the test with MultiTouch applications, both capable of recognizing 5 touch screen at once. While on the security screen from scratches, Pixcom more secure because there is a protective jacket that converges on the back cover, while the S68 IMO users should be more careful or providing screen protector (anti-scratch). At the time of sweeping the screen, we feel oertama time performance are both so responsive screen, but when the usage is long and multitasking performance down, sometimes there is a lag. Most often occurs in the S68 IMO though this happens less often, but still annoying.

Phone and SMS

Until now, the use of mobile phone two cards are still much sought after. Consideration, from the hassle of carrying two mobile phones, buy a phone with a SIM card slot du. Asiknya, can be active simultaneously (dual on). Both vendors also incorporate it on a lot of cell phone. For example, only two phones. IMO S68 has two slots are made in rows, row view of a microSD slot, while Pixcom AndroNote prefer multilevel system. Internet access in IMO S68 only rely on GPRS / EDGE while Pixcom already circulating in the HSDPA, it also applies to the SIM 1 only, the other has the same S68 IMO. As for the interface in the message menu, there is a slight difference but not much. Bottom right side there is a search button and a message left hand side if you want to compose a new message. SMS is like being in a chat conversation system. Sending messages can use MMS, emails from different accounts directly on the push to phone in real time. And to chat, both are excellent because the button is quite large, so cool to be used in vertical or horizontal display.

Hardware and Memory

Mostly for now, the vendor was kind enough to provide adequate storage space. Both are equipped with 512MB RAM memory coupled with a microSD memory support up to 32GB ekstrenal. For the current price of a 4GB microSD dikisaran Rp 35 thousand, depending on the brand. So luckily you do not have to buy it. If your choice later S68 IMO, you should merogok pocket for microSD menenemkan on his body. From the placement of the microSD slot, we make sure they do not support Hotswap technology, so as to put the memory card should turn off the phone and remove the battery.

Speaking of performance, the processor used is different, IMO relying S68 MTK6512 chipset, 1 GHz ARMv7 while Pixcom while relying on proprietary processor Qualcomm MSM 7227A 1 GHz (1.2 GHz overclock). If you look at performance for browsing, playing games, running multiple applications at once, there are some notes that made us uncomfortable. This not only applies to one phone, but both.

First, the connection is not stable when downloading apps in the Android Market. Sometimes just disconnected, but still connected to a Wifi connection. Sometimes like to hang himself, perhaps too much to run applications while downloading. The number of intended use to determine the actual performance of the phone. When referring to software testing, starting from S68 IMO, for AnTuTu Benchmark dapati totals in 3866, 1655 Quadran and graphics test with NeoCore is 32.3fps. On the other hand, the figures in dapati by Pixcom AndroNote is to AnTuTu 3467, the number Quadran Benchmarknya 1592, and 41.7fps for test graphics. From these scores we can conclude that both performed was not much different.

Regarding the performance of the battery, the capacity IMO S68, at 2200mAh, while Pixcom AndroNote space more capacity, 2500mAh. This number goes straight to the durability. Memeng less than a full day in the use of full-time, around 9-8 hours of talk time for Pixcom AndroNote, IMO S68 are below. For standby time, approximately one and a half day to two phones

Android Ice Crem Sandwich mwnjadi so popular embedded in a cell phone today. even though no supporting specification, still no phone is forced to pump up the performance of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Both Pixcom and IMO, respectively already running Android Ice Cream Sandwich. So it's no surprise that almost all look the same menu display. So even with the operation, finger We danced at the same place to run an application or just your standard operation of communication. Asiknya Android phone, you can do the 5 home screen customization is available with a variety of apps and widgets, so that the display face of the phone we are different from the others, despite using the same platform. In the S68 IMO there StarWars Angry Birds game that has no rival. As for the second organizer features are your standard mobile phone accessories, such as clocks, calendars, and much more. Not a lot of unique features that are so distinguishing between the two phones. basically if you've been using Android Ice Cream Sandwich, will be familiar with these two phones, because your standard features and penggoperasiannya once.


Clashing connections both provide the same completeness. For network connection, it seems Pixcom AndroNote superior because no HSDPA network, while other ways Internet access can be performed both via the WiFi phone, tethering and portable can use Bluetooth. In the sales package, we can menekukan microUSB data cable and a 3.5mm audio jack cable. The default of completeness it is spelled, so it is fair to completeness it should be provided by both vendors.


Both phablet been carrying dual camera. At the front though VGA still pinned. As for the resolution of the rear camera is superior Pixcom AndroNote with 5MP with flash, while the IMO S68 3.2MP equipped only with unsupported tembahan lighting (flash). There is a front camera, but the resolution is still VGA, we did not find any facility to video call or video chat. This means that the need for third-party application to do video chat, usually use Skype. The camera often impromptu. In various conditions, which requires your camera or video, so better make sure that the microSD selelu always embedded in the body of the phone. Because if not, then the camera or the video will not work. The elements of the setting in the camera, not much different, even in the IMO S68 provides some additional elements such as panorama shots. Regarding the results are much brighter owned Pixcom AndroNote, but that does not mean IMO S68 has poor quality. Keep good but sometimes images flooded yellow. At night, the camera Imo S68 defeated due to lack of flash.

Audio and Video

Audio and video sometimes needs a lot of menus in search users. It depends on the needs, but the vendor has to feature your standard should be considered as a friend entertainers sidelines a dull or just life and enjoy the same content. Sorry if the description we return again to the user interface, because it is no different here, but there are third party applications that are deliberately implanted. As Viki applications in IMO 68, this application will accompany all the way to the content of the music, videos, news, movies, Tv Show, from different countries and asiknya is integrated into the facebook app so you can share content. Video streaming application requires internet connection to be able to access it. This application is not owned by Pixcom AndroNote but there are actually apps in the Android Market, and it's free if you want to download. Equalizer Music player is given so that we can adjust the desired music genre. FM radio is also embedded as pop music other than the music player. To activate it remains to be plugging earphones.
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