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Adrenalin runway at Four Android Game Parkour Favorites

Jumat, 15 Februari 20130 komentar

Parkour is a sport that is currently popular, especially overseas and in Indonesia itself although there has been, but not as popular as abroad. This sport does not require any special equipment because it is usually enough to take advantage of the surrounding environment such as jumping over a fence, wall, hanging on the tree even to jump over buildings! This sport requires a level of speed, reaction, balance, high strength and courage that will test your adrenaline. Because of the difficulty level sport parkour is high enough then if you have not dared to do so, there is another alternative that is by playing the following games in the Android parkour.

Parkour Roof Riders

To become an expert in the sport called parkour or Traceur, requiring months or even years and if you are impatient, you can become an instant expert parkour or do not have the courage to play parkour, you can try to play Parkour: Roof Riders , a game made from Blyts. In keeping with the title of this game, you will be running jump over a wide range of roof menabjubkan and perform various maneuvers. Some movements you should be able to unlock before you can use it. Just like real parkour game, if you are slightly wrong it is certain that you will instantly fall. Parkour Roof Riders provides three kinds of storylines that do parkour on area streets, jumping over buildings or jumping between the buildings under construction. Parkour Roof Riders are also a variety of trick-motion somersaults and parkour to play a new trick. Various game improvement will vary depending on Android devices owned. Download it here.

Backflip Madness

Dilakuka sport Parkour can almost anywhere as long as there are places that can be used as the basis and jump. Because the majority of players are not using a safety Parkour at all that this sport is only played by those big balls. If you want to feel the sensation of free-style jumping parkour, you can try the demo of the game developer Backflip Madness Gamesoul Studio. The core game is quite simple, namely to make a wide range of spectacular parkour tricks. Backflip Madness Demo divided into three different levels of difficulty and unique outfit are two kinds to choose from: normal or ninja style. Because of the movement in this game is going faster then the features Action Replay can be used if you want to look back previous motion made. For the demo version of the Backflip Madness is only provided two kinds of difficulty levels and two levels. Download it here.

Super Run

Which menark is the sensation of playing parkour running and jumping without limit and as if we had wings to fly. Game Super Run is a result of the creation of the ASEN which has a setting of tall buildings where high levels of the buildings vary. Like a spiderman with nets jump buildings, will also do the same thing in the game Super Run this but the difference is no nets that will help you skip one building to another. How to play this game is quite easy, you simply move your Android to the right or to the left and press the Jump button when you want to jump. Download it here.

Magic Run

Last parkour game comes from developer named Jojo Game Magic Run. When compared with the above three games, Magic Run over to look like the actual game combined with parkour to play. This game uses 3D graphics style so the effect is more pronounced real parkour game. How to play the simple cuku also slide your finger to the right or to the left to set the direction of run and slide your finger up or down if you want to jump or skating. This game has the same concept as a kind of running game that made the greater the distance, the higher the score will be obtained. You will be given 10 points for each coin collected and an extra 50 points for each touch poles that exist in Magic Run. Download here
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