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Adobe Photoshop Basics set Shortcut

Selasa, 12 Februari 20130 komentar

Adobe Photohop is an application for editing photos and images also popular. For those of you who are just learning or already proficient you should also have a pretty good knowledge to know the features provided in the Photoshop application. As a collection of Adobe Photoshop shortcuts are discussed below.

Tool selection, you can press the Shift key on your keyboard and pressing the letter mentioned in the toolbar. For example, pressing the V key to move the tool, press M for the Marquee. To move or shift the following tools in the set are the same you just need to press another button by pressing shift.

Press Ctrl + Tab to the document when the file is opened. Press F then you will switch between the standard screen, Maximized, full screen will be accompanied by a menu. By pressing the F key on the keyboard and then by holding shift then it will reverse the order position.

To make the process of zooming press Z on the keyboard. Press Alt + Z to zoom Zoom. And press Ctrl + 0 to adjust the image to the screen. You also can do this by simply pressing the key combination Ctrl + or on the keyboard to increase or decrease the size of each object. Pressing the tab in turn serves to show and hide the menu palettes to create extra work space.

Hold down the Ctrl key to make the switch or by holding the space bar on the keyboard to switch to the menu * hand tools. Press Shift to add when using one tool selection, press Shift to add to selection and press Alt to subtract from a selection of object images or photographs.

You must already know the function of Ctrl + Z to undo the last change (Undo). Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Z to go back back, while to access the history box you can press Ctrl + Shift + Z to move forward.

Adobe Photoshop Shortcut next by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N on the keyboard, then pressing the button will display a dialog box to open a new screen on your Photoshop worksheet. Press Ctrl + N to display a new window. Ctrl + J to duplicate layer in Photoshop worksheet.

When you're working in Photoshop using the brush tool, press the "[" or "]" on the keyboard to make the process of doing or decrese the size of the increase of 8brush tool * and then hold down the shift key to make the process of softening brush, and press Alt to use this feature eye-dropper tool.

Click on a part of your own images to be edited, press and hold the Ctrl key then will be selected layer in Photoshop. To resize an image you can press Ctrl + T to open a feature tool to transform objects surrounding the image. To change (resize) based on the ratio (height / weight) press the key combination Shift + down arrow on your keyboard

If you forget about the different shortcut in Photoshop, you simply press the keyboard combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K. If you do that then a help window will appear and display a collection of shortcuts. For users of Mac operating system, use the Cmd (command) and the Ctrl and Opt (Option) Alt. By getting used to using Adobe Photoshop shortcut then all your work related to image editing will be faster to complete
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