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Add a YouTube Experience Using It With 3 Chrome Extension

Rabu, 20 Februari 20130 komentar

If you are someone who often view the video on YouTube, you might want to watch any video that can be maximized or arranged according to your wishes. As one of the services Google, YouTube was not able to compromise and too inflexible, but with some extensions on the browser you use, you can control various things that exist on YouTube, especially in watching the video, and to provide more experience in using the previous YouTube you've never met.

Chrome, which is also an extension of Google services has to allow you to surf in cyberspace. Chrome extension is also touching YouTube in order to maximize land use. Are you using YouTube to listen to music or just browsing to find interesting videos? As the most popular video service is a good thing if you can manage, upgrade, and make it into something better. Either you are going to use YouTube for any event, here's how you can use to maximize the use of YouTube Chrome extension.


YouTube is one of the best sources of music services, and is an easy thing to find or create a playlist to listen. Such a function could do with just using extension. ChromeTunes is a Chrome extension that turns YouTube into like a music player, video and eliminate existing comments. After installing ChromeTunes, click on the play button to start listening to the music from YouTube. Player ChromeTunes has two parts, the player itself and the setting in which you can insert or delete playlists, search for YouTube content, and more.

Player in Chrome extension comes with a playlist that can be moved around easily. In addition, the player also has the option like repeat, shuffle, reload, and share. You can also see more information such as the number of video viewers, likes, and other info info. To enter a new playlist, click on the search button and play on the bottom right. From here, you can search for YouTube content to be included on the playlist at ChromeTunes. These extensions can be downloaded via this link.

YouTube Preview

Do you often watch YouTube videos from one video to another video using the sidebar on the right of the video you're watching? YouTube Sidebar is one good resource if you want a related or recommended videos. But in some occasions, you may have experienced instances where you choose one of the videos on the sidebar, but it turns out the video did not match your expectations. Have you ever experienced something like this? With the help of Chrome extension called YouTube Preview, you will be helped to find info to see the video thumbnail.

One thing to note is the green and red bars on each thumbnail. It is an indicator of how popular a video, and represent how many people liked the video through the ratings. If you click on a thumbnail, the thumbnail will start to play some part of the video. Thumbnails are not used to watching a video, but you'll get more info about video before you watch it. These extensions can be downloaded here.

YouTube Options

Want to create the look you want YouTube? YouTube Options has everything you need to upgrade and manage Youtube, where you will get to experience watching YouTube as you wish. With various check the box, your habits watch YouTube videos through the standard page can be turned into something amazing. You can arrange to watch YouTube without comment, or without the white background. With YouTube Options, you can control every aspect of the YouTube videos, ranging from advertising, comments, to the background and layout. To start playing, add Access option on the menu Chrome extension. Another interesting thing from YouTube Options is a Chrome extension that not only partner with YouTube. You can use YouTube Options for other video services like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe, and others. These extensions can be downloaded here.
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