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Add On Toolbar Firefox Vertical Toolbar: Toolbar Changing Of Being Vertical Horizontal

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Mozilla is endless make users comfortable using. Various Add on created from ordinary to not think at all by us. This time will give one which Iam very useful and pleasing to the eye. Not only that, add on this one too tidy by putting our toolbar on the left of the vertical position and make it more accessible. Let's see what's on offer add on this one.

Being Changed Vertical

Actually this is not a flashy thing. Just replace the orange Firefox button in the top left of the Firefox window suduk into a toolbar is placed vertically on the left side of the window. But, it has become more accessible since it is orange button is a button that very often we click. Here, add on easy access without having to open Firefox button again and select the desired menu, everything is available in this toolbar. What makes it good, add on is not going to make the top bar of Firefox you become crowded and cramped because she was left vertically.

Buttons available on the toolbar of which this is a working Group Your Tabs mengelompkkan tabs that are currently open, so do not gather multiple tabs in a single Mozilla. Then there is the Page You View Left to see the last halamam that we open, as well as Bookmarks, Add-ons, Work Offline, Fullscreen, print and reload. This toolbar can be set contents. You can add and remove toolbars by right-clicking and select Custumisize tooolbar. Drag the button you want to insert into the toolbar.

Other settings for the toolbar are also available. There is to change the position of the toolbar on the left or the right, auto-hide when you're not using, or the size of the icons in the toolbar and some other settings. all of these can be adjusted depending on your taste of each. To perform this setting, you can simply right-click the toolbar and select the Vertical Toolbar Option. There are a few options there to adjustment as described above.

Trim Kesemerautan

As already noted above, to add an icon in the toolbar you can spruce up a bit Firefox. Choose an important icons in the toolbar and paste this vertical. Apart from that provided by the add-on we can also put you are using the toolbar by dragging it to the Vertical Toolbar. Make Firefox more and have room window.

Vertical Toolbar gives its own icons for those buttons that you will not find in Firefox. Button created by the add-on such as private browsing, a view page source button, a button and a print preview Web console toggle and a few other buttons.

Disadvantages Vertical Toolbar

The most striking is probably the Vertical Toolbar does not change when we open a new Firefox window. Any changes you make in the first window will have no effect to the next Firefox window. This little disturbing. However, it is uncommon for people to use two Firefox at the same time because it can be used one for all the tabs. When you open a new window, then the display Vertical Toolbar will be like the last time you edit it. For example, you create Auto hide the Firefox window first and then open a second Firefox window. You change the Vertical Toolbar to auto-hide at the first window there will be no changes in the second window. This is not a deficiency, but rather a bug.

Another limitation is the problem of position. We can not change the button positions are in the toolbar. when it diletakkna then the position will continue that way until you pull it out and put it back. mouse we can not easily move icons in the toolbar. This is a loss of quality due to Firefox provide this feature has been very long. We can move to and fro icon on Firefox as bookmarks, Add-on bar and other icons. Another limitation might be when we put it in the right toolbar. When you want to use the mouse to draw the scroll window and turn on auto-hide, it will be a little annoying. Each time trying to close the cursor to scroll the toolbar will appear. You need a little slowly steer the cursor.

Apart from the shortage of Add-on on this one, he's still a nice add-on. If you want to have a toolbar firefox add on this one, please click here. And do not forget to restart Firefox after the installation is complete you.
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