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Play Game Boy on your Smartphone With Emulator applications

Jumat, 08 Februari 20130 komentar

Play Game Boy on your Smartphone With Emulator applications - Have you ever played a Game Boy at the time you were a child? Do you miss those days but the Game Boy you've sold or given to someone else? Do not be discouraged, you can play Game Boy games directly on your phone. Yep, smart phones today have the ability to "mimic" Game Boy. With the help of an emulator app, you can play Game Boy games directly from your smart phone.

Initially this trend emulator used on a computer or laptop, but along with the growth in time, the emulator can now be used on smart phones such as Android. Some emulator apps that have been circulating among others for NDS and Gameboy, even for the Play Station, Sega Genesis, to the Xbox as well. Curious how? Let's see how below.

Game Boy in Android

Because many types of emulators for various types of consoles, it would take one example Paseban for GBA. First you simply type "GBA Emulator" in the Play Store, then you can choose the paid apps or free for your use. For example, Paseban will use My Boy! Free - GBA Emulator, GBA emulator application which has two versions, paid and free. For free you can download directly from the Play Store with a size of about 500 kB. After installing the application, you will be able to open files saved in the GBA game format. Gba. GBA game is stored in the cartridge, but you can simply search the internet, you will find a lot of GBA games that have been stored in the form. Gba. Click here to download the emulator.

Then how once you have the game installed and formatted. Gba do you want? Let's consider the following steps:

    When finished installing the application, click Open and then a pop-up notification will appear, click OK.

    Move the game files. Gba you to a special folder that are easy to find on your phone. Then select the game, wait a while, then the game will appear on your screen.

    Games will be activated immediately like a game that you install directly from the Play Store. In fact you will be provided a virtual control pad for playing your game. It's easy and interesting right?

Game Boy on Mango and 8

It was not just Android, Windows Phone also has the ability to install the emulator applications, one of which is the Purple Cherry GBC. The application itself is priced at 1:29 dollars or about 11 thousand dollars. The application supports mobile phones with a screen resolution of 480 x 800 to 768 x 1280 piksels piksels. Then how do I use it? Let us refer to the steps below.

    Buy and download apps Purple Cherry GBC of Windows Phone Store. Run this application, withdraw this application has provided some of the games you play can directly from your phone.

    After the run, select the Choose & Play to select and start the game you want. After that click Play.

    If the game is not in the phone, the application will automatically download to your game. The control buttons that appear very similar to the Game Boy original, so that will add to the impression of playing Game Boy.

    If you do not find the games you want, then you have to move the first game file you want, and then click Import and select the game in question, then the application will run the game on your mobile phone.

Tips and Tricks Finding Files Game

For you, special Paseban add tips and tricks that will ease you in finding a Gameboy game you want. Generally the game files. Gba would be very easy to find on the internet, but sometimes we are confused how to look for it. To find a game file. Gbam you simply add "GBA ROM" at the end of the name of the game you want. For example, you want to search for Pokemon Silver games, you just write "Pokemon Silver GBA ROM", the site that contains this file will appear, then you live to download and move it to your smart phone. Good luck!
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