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9 Common Mistakes When Setting up Wireless Network

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

Having a wireless internet connection at home is very nice. Because, we can connect a variety of devices that we have directly to the internet without bothering to connect the cable. But the thing is, sometimes we can not connect a variety of devices such as a few small mistakes. Therefore, on this occasion New Tech will review some common minor mistakes made when setting the wireless network. That way, you can avoid these mistakes in the future.

1. Not Reading Manual

This error is most commonly done because maybe we already are adept at doing so. When in fact every device has a different configuration so we have to read the manual first.

2. Using the Default Password

Every wireless router usually has a default password for administrative purposes. To avoid things that are not desirable, then you should change the password with a more powerful and personal.

3. Forget Turning WiFi

To connect via WiFi, we must first turn on the WiFi on laptops and smartphones that we have. But sometimes we forget to do it so we can not connect to the internet.

4. Differences Wireless Standard

There are several wireless standards that are still valid today, namely 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n. Well, the difference of the standard connectivity often creates problems in many devices you have, especially on a device that only supports wireless standard old version.

It also happens because some routers typically support only 802.11g wireless standard and above. So automatically if you have a laptop that only supports old school 802.11a standard, then you will not be able to connect to it.

5. Differences Encryption Standard

Standard encryption is also sometimes a problem because most of the new devices support WPA encryption standard (Wi-Fi Protected Access), while older devices only support standard WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy). Currently, most routers use WPA encryption method because it is more secure than WEP. therefore if you are using older devices that only support WEP, then you will not be able to connect.

6. Firewall Configuration Errors

One of the other reasons that you can not connect to the configuration Firewall is blocking the connection. To check, try turning off the firewall and then restart Router. If you find that the firewall is the cause, then you have to set your firewall to allow access to an internet connection or WiFi.

7. One Password

A common mistake that often happens is enter the wrong password so you can not connect. Therefore, you must enter the password carefully and check it back so that this error does not occur.

8. Not Using the Security System

When connecting via WiFi, then your data will be transmitted through the air and can easily be hacked or stolen by others. Therefore, you must install a wide range of security systems to prevent this from happening such as creating a strong password, use encryption, firewalls pay or default firewall in Windows, as well as monitor all your network traffic.

9. Security Will Too Worried

In the previous point we have been discussing the importance of wireless security that you might now have to make a strong password, turn off DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), create a filter MAC (Media Access Control), turn off the remote router administration, turn the firewall on the router, turn on firewall on the computer, hide the SSID (Service Set Identifier), and so sehigga you feel safe.

It was already enough and you do not need to do physical security of wireless networks. Because, a lot of people who cover up or obstruct their router so the signal does not get to the house in the vicinity. Though it would be futile because many hackers who use a special antenna to catch the weak WiFi signal though. Therefore, do not do something stupid like that because it may be the quality of the signal you get will also be reduced
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