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6 Types of Cyber ​​Crime That Can Make You Jailed

Kamis, 14 Februari 20130 komentar

If you are an internet user's true, lately you will definitely feel the freedom in the surf of diminishing returns. Because governments around the world begin to implement various regulations that the narrowing of its citizens in the surf. One of the most intensively done is censorship of certain content.

Some of us may still can feel the freedom to surf it. But there are also some areas that forbids its citizens to do the things we used to do. If they do this then it will go into the category of Internet crime and he should be ready to go to jail. What types of cybercrime that? Consider the following Paseban review.

Skype and Voice-Chat Online

Doing voice chat and video chat via Skype is favored by many people today. However, you should immediately forget stretcher activity if you live in the State of Ethiopia. Because the State of Ethiopia have laws that prohibit citizens to use Skype and a wide range of voice over IP (VoIP) is the other. If a citizen caught using such services, then be prepared to undergo his imprisonment for 15 years.

In addition to prohibited conduct video chats, you are also forbidden to call using Skype. If you are caught calling someone over Skype, then you should get in jail for 3 years. This Act may feel lighter when compared with the existing laws a few years ago. Because at that time Ethiopia's state government banned artificial voice and fax communications over the Internet.

Blogging and forward mail

If in the Ethiopia you are forbidden to use Skype, then you will find it even more unusual in the State of Syria. The reason, of that State prohibits pemeritah all citizens to express or make an online news. In other words, you should not have a blog in the country.

In addition, the country is in the middle east region also forbids you to forward an email with a joke or an insult to the government. If you do, then you must be ready to be arrested by local police, even if you are a foreigner though.

Insulting the Government on the Internet

In addition to jailing citizens who do blogging and forward mail, it turns out the Syrian government would also capture those who insulted the government on the Internet. A few years ago a young Syrian to the jail for two years for expressing his disappointment with the government on the internet.

The Syrian government also ordered all the websites to display the original name of the user so it will be easy to trace. If there is a website that refused, then the website will be blocked from Syria tersebtut. In addition, the entire cafe there also will oversee penggunjungnya while surfing.

Insulting the King and Religion

Besides insulting the government, there are also several state ternayata that will catch citizens for insulting the king. Several years ago, an American living in Thailand sentenced to 15 years by the local government for writing articles attacking the king of Thailand.

Besides insulting, insulting any one religion can end up in jail. It is certainly not foreign in our country because many cases of arrest for contempt of religion.

Online Gambling

Many states have legalized gambling on the internet, but not the least is also against it. One country that bans it is the United States. So do not be surprised if there is not an online gambling site come from the U.S.. In addition, American citizens who want to follow this online gambling would normally use from overseas gambling sites.

File Sharing

The issue of file sharing may be the most hot issue today. Because at this time there has been a big closure for the various file sharing sites like megaupload, the pirates bay and others. All the founders of these major sites became a serious target of the police. However, you as a consumer may not be until arrested by the police.
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