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6 Things That Make Apple As Evil Dictator IT World Ruler

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

Competition among companies in the IT world is very complicated, even to achieve the things that are sneaky and dirty. A few years ago many companies as a dictator blamed Microsoft for its Windows. After that came the indictment of the system hogging Google internet search. And now, it also seems to accusations would soon lead to Apple because the behavior they do.

What are some things that make Apple branded evil corporation who wants to become ruler of the world of IT? Check out his review below.

Special Screws

We start from the smallest thing that screws. If you look at the new products that Apple released, you will see a different screw pattern of other products. The reason, Apple has decided to change the general pattern of star-shaped screws with new screws that are used specifically for Apple products.

That way, you will not be able to unscrew it unless you take it to an authorized service apple. If you want to open your own, then you have to buy a special screwdriver for the screws are certainly rare on the market.

Hard Disk Special

If at any time there is a hard disk on your Mac computer is damaged, then do not hope you can replace it with a cheap hard disk that you can find in the market. Because, since the year 2011 all hard drives in Apple products can not be replaced with a regular hard disk because it can only be replaced with a custom-made hard disk for Mac. Therefore, in addition to buying a special hard disk, as well of course you also have to buy a special screwdriver if you want to replace the hard disk itself.

No Installation Disk

If you have a hard disk is corrupted and you replace it with a new one, then get ready to face a little apocalypse. Because if you have an operating system Lion to the top then you will not be able to reinstall your computer because the operating system does not provide the installation disk.

If you have access to a computer that has an operating system may not be much of a problem because you can install it again via flash disk. If not, then you have to buy a special flash disk for installation for $ 69 at the Apple Store.

All Centered to iTunes

If you have an iPod, and you will often feel upset because it can only do things through iTunes that from day to day loaded with bloatware. There may be some applications that can be used as an alternative in Windows such as QT Lite, Floola, iPod plugin for winamp, and others, but these applications still can not fully replace the function of iTunes.

In addition, almost all the new products from Apple like the iPod Touch or iPhone does not have disk mode feature so once again have to use iTunes to organize everything. Very inconvenient and inefficient.

As already mentioned above, if you install iTunes then you will also install a variety of other applications such as automatic Bonjour, Mobile Me, and Safari. This also applies if you update your old iTunes. This is very harmful because it takes all the hard disk capacity is not small. In addition, a regular user would not be aware of the presence of this application.

Difficult to Install Mac OS in addition to Mac Computer

If your Mac can run Windows operating systems easily through the Virtual Machine, multi boot, and others, then you will find it hard to install the Mac OS on your PC. Need some technical knowledge to be able to install it on your PC.


Maybe it has nothing to do directly with consumers, but we also must have known if Apple is vocal in this license. Almost everything he licensable and all companies that directly violate prosecuted. From this very clear if Apple is the new dictator in the world of IT. One thing is the question now, whether it's Apple special screws also been licensed?
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