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10 Stuff That Should Not For Sale In Online Store eBay

Rabu, 06 Februari 20130 komentar

At the time that this online store you must have shopped at the store online. If you have not, then at least you'll know what it's online store. One of the biggest online stores that exist today is eBay. In its website, you can purchase a variety of goods for sale from a variety of regions around the world. However, although eBay can be used to sell a wide range of objects, there are several kinds of items prohibited for sale on eBay's site. What are those things?

Alcohol (including non-alcoholic beer)

The first product should not be sold on eBay is an alcoholic beverage, be it wine or beer. Even if you eliminate the alcohol content in beer, then you still can not sell it. This is certainly due to regulations in the United States to ban the sale of alcoholic beverages to overseas. This prohibition applies only to the site eBay.com, eBay sites while others still allowed to sell alcohol as long as it is not from and to U.S. citizens.

Objects made of marine mammals

If you are planning to sell a jacket made of seal skin, then you should discourage it. Because eBay forbid you to sell a variety of items made from marine mammals, regardless of any animals and goods. In addition, you are also not allowed to sell birds or bird eggs although derived from birds that are not protected.

Pants in the former

Besides alcohol and marine mammals, eBay also forbids you to sell secondhand underwear, be it boxers, thongs, pant, and brief. Because eBay banned the sale of goods related to secondhand underwear. But the funny thing is you can still sell a bra, pantyhouse, and spandex for the former when the item you never use as underwear.

Make up and beauty tools ex-

Make up and other beauty tool marks are also prohibited for sale on eBay. This is very reasonable because the tools cosmetics direct contact with the skin of the user so that eBay does not want its users to spread the bacteria through the make-up that has been used.

Sell ​​tickets from a free event

If there is an event like a concert or a football match are free to watch, so you do not ever sell tickets on eBay because it is strictly prohibited. However, you can still sell any tickets for this event does require you to buy it.

Fake Seals

If you have a hobby in falsifying school or college stamp, then do not hope you can sell it on eBay because it is illegal.

Blood and Organs

It is unquestionably the case for this one. You will not be able to sell the blood, organs, sperm, and eggs you have. And of course the blood and organs of the body of another also not be sold on eBay. But if you really want to sell your limbs on eBay, then you can sell the hair you have your heart's content.

Expired Food

eBay really pay attention to the health of the users. One way is to ban the sale of expired food. Therefore, prior to selling food on eBay, make sure first if the food has not passed its expiration date.

Gift Card Codes

Selling greeting cards or gift card on eBay is something that is legal, but if it is in the form of a gift card or electronic gift card code, then you will not be able to sell it. Therefore if you get a license application, then do not ever sell on eBay.


It is familiar because it is already very tight cigarette sales in various countries. Therefore, you will not be able to sell a variety of products on eBay's cigarette. Even you also can not sell a wide range of similar products that claimed to be a more healthy cigarette electronic cigarettes or herbal cigarettes.
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