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Wireless Charging - Battery Charge Wireless Technologies

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

Today we live in the era of wireless. Almost all of the devices that surround us support it. In fact, every day we unwittingly send a lot of data through these invisible waves. Advances in technology are now little by little has reached a state where we can move power without wires.

Yes, the technology called wireless charging. A technology that promises us a concept for a wireless charging like in the movies, sci-fi that we often see. The concept has become a reality now and may be present in front of you in the not too distant future.

How wireless charging work?

The term "wireless charging" usually refers to the inductive charging, a technology that relies on a charging station for creating a magnetic field. Various devices have inductive coil will be able to receive energy if held to the magnetic field. That way, the device will receive power without the need for wires or physical contact.

Charge technology is not a magic. Certain range of hardware required to use it. Various mobile phone or tablet device in the future will make this technology is believed as a matter of obligation. Moreover, the technology is also quite safe charging for a variety of materials in it will be wrapped. There will not be any effect you feel when you touch it with wet hands though.

Lack wireless charging

Charging technology is dependent on the magnetic field. So that you can not perform automatic charging remotely unless you have a device that has a very strong magnetic field. In addition, the charging speed is also a big problem. Because wireless charging through charger will take a lot longer than charging via cable.

The next problem of course is an inductive coil which must be in every device. Although the inductive coil are getting smaller, but it will certainly affect the size of a cell phone or tablet supports. Although these problems may be lost over time, but today it is quite disturbing for the mobile phone manufacturer.

The future of wireless charging

Although this seems wireless charging will facilitate a variety of jobs, but the problem can dijangkaunya distance may be one of the biggest problems. So that this technological revolution may be slightly delayed in terms of comfort.

Will it change? Probably. There is a lot of research is being done to create a wireless technology for remote charging, in addition to several other technology devices have also been successfully developed. For instance, laser and microwave is a technology that has succeeded in developing inductive charging for long distance. But of course, the laser can not be used for this technology because the effect would be very dangerous to humans.

The problems may be solved soon. Apple is one of the leading companies in this because some time ago has successfully patented a device that can transmit electrical power from a distance of one meter. In addition, Intel also recently announced it is working on a magnetic device that will be placed on a laptop so that it can send electricity to power a smartphone or other devices that are near the laptop.

Even so, it could be a wireless charging problem will actually be solved by a small company. Since one of the key problems is the creativity so that everyone can to solve it.


The technology has huge potential in changing technology. This is very reasonable because the ability to send power cable will tanapa a much easier job a lot of people in this world. Thus, it is not impossible if one day all will be equipped with a wireless device charging cable so that the presence will not be needed anymore.
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