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Why OEM Hardware and Software Cheaper?

Kamis, 31 Januari 20130 komentar

If you're walking around in a mall computer, you must have found the software or hardware that has the OEM label. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and is usually attached to the hardware or software that has a cheaper price than the normal price.

It will certainly raise questions about whether you will get problems if buy it? Before you answer, the one thing you should know is that products labeled as OEM will have certain differences with the usual product.

What exactly is it OEM? Original or pirated?

As mentioned above, OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Software and hardware are labeled OEM is a device that is sold specifically for the manufacturer of the device technology. Therefore, most of the OEM is only wrapped by an ordinary cardboard without the need to wrap the same as other goods. It is certainly reasonable for OEM stuff is not supposed to be sold to the public.

Therefore, the OEM stuff is automatically rarely you find in computer stores are common. But if you are looking for these items in the online store, then you definitely found a lot of the goods. It was also put to good use by business online because they know for sure if the bargain hunters would not be too concerned with the wrapper. So if you are looking for OEM stuff, then look at the online stores.

Some people are asking whether the OEM software is legal or not. Yes, these items are legal and certainly original, but there are certain conditions that you must agree if you purchase these items.


OEM software may not be as many OEM hardware, but there are also some important products that are sold freely in the OEM version. One example of the most common of course is Windows products, but there are many other products that are often sold as OEM as anti-virus, system utilitie, and more.

If you buy the software you usually only get those wrapped boxes of software and its license key used in it. Even for some products you simply will receive it in a plastic with some small notes on it. it is very reasonable because the software does not come with a handbook and other equipment.

OEM software usually has a specific license that requires you to install it on one computer only. So automated software will not be installed on another computer. it is a license that is often implemented in Windows OEM product so sometimes you have to buy new software if you want to change the computer.


In contrast to software, hardware OEMs will be many you find in the market. Hardware is certainly cheaper than retail products, but has the same quality and performance. Unfortunately, hardware-hardware are usually not equipped with supporting components even if the component is an important component. For example, processors are usually not provided by the OEM fan and the video card or the hard disk does not have the OEM cables or adapters needed.

In addition, other problems are common to technical support. Because you will have trouble when claiming the warranty of the device. The device is usually sold in the form of OEM is a hard drive, optical drive, and a couple of PCI expension card. But there are also some other devices that are available in OEM form.

Pantaskan OEM goods to be purchased?

Purchasing various goods OEM does have its own risks, including the warranty issue. But if you really want quality goods at a low price, then there is no harm for you to buy it. For example, the price of a retail version of Windows Home Premium is $ 179, but if we buy the OEM version costs only about $ 99, almost half of the original price. Therefore, the OEM stuff is one of the best choice if you have limited funds. Moreover, various goods OEM is legal goods and original, and not a pirated goods
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