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Tips Tricks and How to Strengthen Mobile Signal

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

You will certainly feel annoyed with poor signal quality from the provider that you currently use. But you do not really blame it on the quality of the service provider you use, but you try to look at where you live or where you are today. If you are on the offshore course signal reception can be reduced and even disappear. In addition, you are in large buildings such as shopping malls were sometimes can reduce your phone signal strength.

From some of these complaints, there are several ways to strengthen the signal, whether it is to amplify the signal amplifier CDMA or GSM signal. I will provide tips and tricks that you do not complain to the network that is always low. Here are five ways to strengthen mobile phone signals

First you can try to use aluminum foil or metal material containing aluminum. If you have a metal, try to cut the size of which does not cover all your mobile phone, think - about 3 x 5 cm was enough to be mounted behind your phone or adjust to your needs. To note, in addition to aluminum a good conductor of electricity, the metal is also able to receive radio waves very well, so it can enhance the signal on your phone. Attach the aluminum behind your phone battery and you just try to do this way strengthen your mobile phone.

If that fails, the second way is to use copper wire spiral formed. For the size and length you can customize with your mobile phone. If you already have it try to twist on your phone from the bottom to the top or vice versa. Now try to check your signal quality, because copper is also a good receiver to amplify the signal your phone. Unfortunately, if you use this method will certainly disrupt your activities to press the button or touch your touchscreen display. Using a twisted copper wire suitable for smartphones that can be used as a source of internet hotspot (Tethering hotspot).

The third way is to use a glass or cup made of metal such as zinc. Household is certainly very easy to find and often you use to drink. Try to keep your phone in the glass and see. Use a glass that has a diameter larger than your mobile phone. signals received from your mobile phone will grow, just not too strong but relatively stable signal obtained. The drawback each time you send an SMS or messenger of course must always be placed in the glass, and more troublesome if you try to call someone using the glass, of course, make your own complicated.

The fourth way to how to pair the handsfree or headset to your phone. By using a handsfree or headset will surely add to the signal provider you use. If you often listen to the radio using a mobile phone would have to know the reason why you should always plugged his hands even now there are some phones that can turn on a radio without using a handsfree. By using a handsfree or headset, the received signal not only via mobile phone antenna, but distributed by your hands to get the number of the signal even more.

Finally, the fifth way is to buy a cell phone signal booster sticker has now been sold by the retailers and at the counter where you buy credits. The price varies but function together to amplify the signal. You just have to stick it in the back of your phone and you can feel the power of the signal in the can. This sticker is still considered just a gimmick merchants, but some researchers are already doing a lot of research by making cell phone signal booster sticker.

From the fifth way, you can try one by one, because the tool - the tool was fairly simple and you can find anywhere. Please try!
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