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The Room Games Mystery To Solve iPad Devices That Can Sharpen Your Brain

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

In addition to giving pleasure and add insight, games can also serve as a medium to sharpen your brain. Proven with brain teaser games that are no longer counted in number. But sometimes such games presents a less engrossing gameplay so that players can easily experience boredom. To anticipate this, of course, the game developers have to think about its gameplay carefully before game released. Through brain teaser game that will be covered this time, I will provide a game that has an interesting gameplay, a story that makes you curious, and present an interactive game. Following a review of New Tech.

This game is called The Room. Solve this mystery game released by Fireproof Studio developers. Games are played on the iPad specifically it's been around since the month of September 2012. But The Room reached peak popularity in the beginning of this year as the Apple iPad has been appointed as the Best Game of The Year 2012. So like is this game and how to play them?

When first play The Room, you'll wake up and realize that you are trapped in a dark and stuffy room. There are only a strange box with a little note next to it. Written on the note that you have to open and uncover the secret behind the box to get out of the room or you'll be trapped forever. As the game intro mystery, of course, the plot is quite interesting as for the players.

The problem is, the box can not be opened at random and consists of several layers that have to be opened. Strange and mysterious box that was equipped with various secrets, hidden keys, as well as puzzles that you must solve. The Room is a highly interactive game. The slightest movement you make with your finger, it will affect the box. The interaction can be either normal or touch your finger to move their horizontal and vertical. You can also drag and drop on some specific missions. For example in the first mission, there is a key that you have to drag and put it into the lock.

Once the box is open, do not think the task will become easier. But contrary. There are many other secrets of the mysterious box that inevitably your exploration by using different elements. And even to complete a mission, you have to work on puzzles that are not composed of a single layer only. Indeed, by completing these puzzles can make your brain tired, but this game makes you never get bored in exploring the content and the mystery of the box. It takes persistence and patience are extra if you want to survive playing this game. And patience will certainly be a sweet fruit for successfully completing the game The Room this.

It should be mentioned also that mystery game has awesome graphics. The design of the box looks like a mysterious very real and very attention to detail. Evidenced by the intricate carvings that adorn the side of this box. Music theme of The Room was admirable. The music that seem scary enough to make the players more and more as if engaged directly by the game. To prevent players from excessive curiosity, the Fireproof Studio provides a hint in the form of instructions that you can continue to the next mission.

While many who love The Room blessing interactive gameplay, but many lamented that the mission provided a lot less so the player must repeat from the beginning if it is to continue to play. Perhaps it should be re-arranged by the developers and adds missions in the next update.

This particular mystery games played on the iPad only. To play, The Room has a size of 129 MB and is compatible for the iPad with iOS 5 and above.

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