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Most Popular Website Which Could Not Be Skipped In Daily Life

Kamis, 31 Januari 20130 komentar

World Wide Web (now better known as the Web) has been with us for over 20 years, and in a relatively short time it has changed the world. The Web designer can not predict what the impact of their creations, but over the past two decades the Web has grown rapidly into a lot of websites with billions of pages.

The following are the seven wonders of the Web, which is the most popular website is probably the most frequently visited, or more extreme, you can not live without these sites. Do you have to bookmark these sites on your browser?


Google is arguably the glue that holds together the various sites. Sure Google homepage, with a minimalist design and a constant change of Google Doodles, was the first site visited by many people when it opens a browser. From the Google homepage, you can access Gmail, Play, Maps, News, and host of other services provided by the company. This makes the list of the most popular website first.


Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that is the site most often visited by people when in need of additional sources of information about people, places, or a specific product. This site contains 24 million entries, and 4 million of them are written in English.

Wikipedia has a bad reputation over the years because of lies, mistakes quotes, and vandalized entries. However, these issues have largely been resolved thanks to a team of dedicated editors who examine each source revision. It is a resource that is truly valuable, and free, funded by donations, which means you do not have to advertise.


YouTube is the most popular website for sharing video, with a great collection of videos of all descriptions are uploaded every day, which are added to a growing repository. YouTube look very good when it launched in 2005, now, thanks to Google's mengakuisisinya guidance in 2006, the site became phenomenal.

YouTube is home to a variety of videos in various categories. Not only movies, concerts and sporting events, and original programming available on the site, there are channels dedicated to subjects of interest, including knowledge and technology.


Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world so far, with more than 1 billion registered accounts. Surprisingly, most of the users do not really like this site, or at least Facebook users often find it awkward to open up user data to a broad audience.

Many sites and other services that are now connected to Facebook or lets you use Facebook credentials on the site. In other words, Facebook has a network far and wide across the web. It is important to remember that the primary function of Facebook is to stay connected with family and friends, especially to those who are in distant places. All of this is designed to help you communicate with them.


Twitter is different from Facebook, with a limit of 140 characters on the update and the connection made between the contacts in it weaker. If Facebook is for family and friends to communicate, Twitter also did almost the same thing. You can follow each person you admire, and find out what they are doing, or a channel to broadcast themselves, tell the whole world what you want to hear.

This, however, is not the reason Twitter made the list. Rather, it is the capacity to use Twitter as a news organ that makes one wonders web. There are many examples of large, important news to be spread throughout the world of micro-blogging social networking site is. The only problem that you may have to deal with is to choose where the news is real or fake.


eBay may not be as strong as it once was, but the site is still the first site visited by people to buy and menjuaal new and used goods online to others. You really can buy and sell all your stuff on eBay, and it's enough to be a reason why eBay is inserted into the list of the most popular websites.

If you have a need or desire to search for the items you do not find in stores because of its rarity and the availability of the item, then eBay is the right solution. Conversely, if you have items that are no longer wanted, but still worth to use, then you can sell them on this site.
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