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MonsterUp Adventures - Similar Game Doodle Jump game for Windows Phone

Minggu, 27 Januari 20130 komentar

Adopt console games with genre-oriented as in a mobile platform is not easy. Because of the physical constraints on the D-Pad and buttons of the phone itself, which makes it difficult game. Game Doodle Jump achieve great success by combining the intuitive controls on the phone and who has the stripping game console-oriented nature of this in order to work under the platform. This success spurred other games games have sprung up, and one of them is MonsterUp Adventures, the game was created on the basis of the formula used to create Doodle Jump, with a few extra characters that can move uniquely in it, but otherwise, the game is actually almost looks like a game Lima Sky.

And if you ever find out or enjoy a game of Doodle Jump on another platform, then MonsterUp Adventures is a game that answers your desire for game Playing Doodle Jump for Windows Phone platform.

Unlike its predecessor, this game actually has a little story on it in the form of the intro and ending. The introduction is done through text will introduce you to the monsters that will appear in every game, from beginning to end your game. The sound effects and music displayed in this game does not match the scenes in it. It will certainly be a value that is less in this game.

The first time the player runs this game, players will be greeted with a large island and a full-color on the screen. Initially you only have access to enter the initial level, and your task is to finish the mission at the beginning of this level and go to the next level. The game features 16 levels and four game regular boss battle to face your enemy.

At the end of the game, the only goal is to get the highest scores by jumping as high as possible at the level of the endless. Now, each level has a definite end. The top level takes about five minutes to use your skills in jumping where you can see your ability to jump on the right side of the screen.

Before you reach the last level in the game, you also have to collect a blue gem stone and red if you want to pass the level you are now. Blue gem stones are more common than red, if you lose one red gem stone means you will lose one level in your game. Since your character will always jump, you may be pushed pretty far and fast the platform you are currently carrying.

Some of the unlockable monsters that have the ability to more easily able to collect gems, such as slowing down the action or magnetically collecting gems. Talking about unlocking, jewel or gem also act as currency in the game. You can buy something with this gem.

Blue gems in this game has a function other than as currency, this blue gem you can use to prevent monsters you die in the middle of the game. There are no extra lives in this game. But if you have a lot of gemstone enough, you will keep your monster from harm.

But if you have a very thinned blue gem, then you will be very hard to survive until the final level of the game and will make you quite frustrated with this game.

One encouraging thing in this game is you will find a wheel that you should play which gives you the chance to spin the wheel to get extra bonus that you can get in this game. If you're lucky, you'll get the added bonus gems for your character. The game is priced at $ 1.99 and support for the WP platform WP 7 and 8. To get this game, you can download it at the Windows Store

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