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Make 'Stupid Phone "Being" Smart "With Free Web Service is

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

Do you have a stupid phone? Sorry, that is what phone you have less intelligent when compared to Android and iPhone?

Once again, sorry, did not mean to insinuate you Iam mobile users than Android and iPhone. But here I will give you tips and tricks to make the phone that you have can compete with the performance of Android and the iPhone, of course, without the cost.

Making your old mobile phone to be like a smartphone is not impossible. Because now there is a free web service that will facilitate various activities in your old mobile phone just as you can do on a smartphone. The web service is called If This Then That or commonly abbreviated IFTTT. In order to use these services you can melakuakn register first via the site here and then after that you can choose a variety of services that you need.

If you are confused to choose the services you need, then this I will review some of the services that will make the 'stupid phone' you have the ability to compete with smartphones.

Facebook status updates and Twitter

One of the advantages of the smartphone is its ability to perform updates to various social media on the move. But actually you do not need a smartphone to do so by sending sms to IFTTT then you can post to Facebook and Twitter is easy through your old phone.

The way is also quite easy, you only have to send an sms to the number IFTTT containing your status updates, and ending with the hashtag # post. Hashtag # post is important for IFTTT to identify the command you to say it. Once you send a sms containing the hashtag # update status and post it, then Facebook and Twitter you will be updated automatically. Easy is not it?

Get the latest email directly from Gmail

Another advantage is owned by the smartphone push notification for each incoming email. If that is what you need, then you do not need a smartphone to do so. Because the 'stupid phone' which you have also more than enough to be able to get the feature.

How, you only have to choose recipes in IFTTT that will send an email directly to your phone. so, any new mail comes in, it will automatically IFTTT will send the email to your phone via SMS messages. One thing to keep in mind, for a while this email can be sent to your phone are existing email in my Gmail account.

Send an email

If you are able to receive mail directly, then surely you can also send it with ease. Actually, almost all types of phones that support data services can send an email directly from the phone. The trick simply just write the email address in the usual places you write your phone number when sending an sms. But unfortunately, the emails you send are typically not synchronized with the email accounts you have.

Therefore, you can choose an IFTTT recipes in which you can use to send emails directly from your phone. same as above, this feature can only be used for Gmail.

Automatic calendar updates

Want to update the calendar directly from your old phone? IFTTT to help you can do so directly without the help of a smartphone. By choosing one IFTTT recipes you can add items to your calendar just by sending SMS. You just write the item and the date and time on the kemudiang send sms to IFTTT. After that, the new schedule will be directly printed on your calendar.

Other Features

In addition to the features on the course there are many other things you can do with the help IFTTT. For example, you can ask IFTTT to send sms when it rains, and others. All of these features will definitely turn your phone into more intelligent than ever before.
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