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List of Most Expensive Android Application that Never Was at Play Store

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

Android is getting crazy these days. With the ever increasing demand over time, accompanied by thousands and even hundreds of thousands of apps from free to paid at Google Play Store.

Of course for your active Android users are already familiar with the Android Market this. But did you know that there are a lot of applications at exorbitant prices, but does not have the functionality is worth the price, but you need not worry because there are many applications with high prices, but very useful. These have been summarized a small list of the most expensive Android apps.

100 Dollar App

I do not know where the developers got the inspiration to create this one application. Of functions bena really nothing really useful. This application is appreciated as the name suggests the 100 USD and can be downloaded in the Android Store.

Main work of this application is really only to show your wealth status. Your name will be listed as a member of the exclusive group of them by donating some money.

    Blue $ 8 App - Member Status.

    Pink $ 40 App - Member Exclusive.

    Green $ 80 App - The Royal

    Gold $ 100 App - Rich.

And if you donate more money than those listed above, then you will get a more impressive title. Meanwhile, for those of you who bought 4 apps at once, you will get a super-exclusive Black App that does not exist in the Market. Interested in spending money? Download any application size is 116 KB here.

I'm Rich!! (White Diamond).

Not much different from the previous application, this application has a price that is not playing is 128 USD and the size of 147 KB. There's no real function in the application, just to let everyone know that you are rich it is. Click here to download

Spend $ 200 to Spite!

Application ridiculous last Spend $ 200 to Spite! With the price a bit, these applications offer more features than just doing something stupid that caused resentment. No, not vengeance literally, it just sends a message to someone you choose. The message contains roughly; I payed $ 200 for this stupid app! And I did it to spite you!
How? You are interested to get revenge? Please do it here.

The three most expensive android apps above is just for fun. You better be doing something more useful, but still all there on your decision if it is interested in buying one or even all of the application.

Not only silly applications that are expensive, there is also a very rewarding and worth the price. Here's a list size:

pcMapper Db.

PcMapper Db is continuing to pcMapper Lite that enables flawless editing of ESRI ® sharefile Android gadget. This application has the following features:

    Import and Export of sharefile ESRI ® and dBase tables.

    Set the feature attribute tables in the SQLite database.

    Installing attribute validation rules.

    Looking for a map by attributes.

    Marking the map by attributes.

    Prosecuting high and the distance to the camera.

    Working offline - without a direct connection.

Application size is 2.3 MB and the prices range from 149 USD. Can you get here.

Nursing Central.

This application is directed to those who at least have specific knowledge about nursing. The application is also supported by a database of over 5000 drugs. Nursing Central helps paramedics to look in detail about diseases, tests, medications, and medical procedures.

Application size is 5.5 MB was worth 159.95 USD, but not to worry because now you can download it for free here.

Mobile Accessibility U.S..

Application bersultan Code Factory has a size of 4.4 MB. Created specifically for those who are visually impaired, priced at 86.23 USD commensurate with the particular design. When you press the screen or a menu, the application will automatically explain what you touch. You can download it here.

List above is a small summary of a number of the most expensive Android apps. You can download it in the Android Store, expensive? Prices may be changed at any time, it could be even cheaper Atua more expensive.
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