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Is the Impact Magnet, Against Computer

Kamis, 31 Januari 20130 komentar

Magnet is one thing that is quite unique in that it can dance other objects that contain metal. In ancient times, maybe people are confused with this thing because no human being can feel the power generated by a magnet.

Although in today's we already know the functions and workings of a magnet, but that does not mean the magnet is not dangerous to human life. Because there are various problems that can be caused by a magnet, especially for electronic items that exist today. It certainly raises a question about the dangers of the magnetic field of the computer, since the computer is an electronic item that is quite often used. To know the answer, consider the following Paseban review.

Why magnets can harm your computer?

There are two possibilities in which the magnet can harm a computer. The first is the loss of data on a variety of devices that have a magnet in it such as hard disks, floppy disks, and more. these devices have a magnet in it so it is prone to all if the current device is broken or having problems. This is not because uncontrolled magnetism of the hard disk will automatically remove all the data in it.

The second thing that may happen is a magnetic field to affect multiple devices in the vicinity. This can happen if there is one magnetic component is damaged and then cause damage to other components because the magnetic field strength.

Should we be afraid of the magnet?

No need to. Magnets and devices that have a magnetic field is a common thing we see in the modern era, and most of these devices do not have a large enough force to adversely affect electronic goods.

There are many rumors that say if a magnet can erase data on a floppy disk. In fact, we usually encounter magnets will not be able to do so due to erase the contents of a floppy disk requires a very strong magnet which is very difficult to meet.

The same is true on the hard disk. To delete the data contained on a hard disk, then you have to open your hard disk and brought it to a very strong magnetic field. A very strong magnetic field is certainly not only will you have encountered except in a scientific laboratory or in a nuclear explosion.

A wide range of computer components today as solid state memory and RAM will not be affected by the magnet because the magnetic component is not used as a raw material. In addition, almost all computer components will not be affected by a magnet that you often encounter so you do not have to worry about it.

Another problem

Almost all subwoofers use a powerful magnet that many deem it can harm your computer. However, usually only a giant subwoofer is the use of such magnets so you do not have to worry about it. The proof, a lot of people who put the computer near a subwoofer, but does not occur any problems to the computer.

The real problem is normally generated a magnetic image distortion that occurs at an old CRT monitor. If it is too close to the magnet typically monitor will change color or there are lines in it. but it is not going to happen on the LCD monitor available today.

Another problem usually happens to the wires that do not have a thick protective. These problems usually occur in the audio cable connected to your computer, Although you will not be served until the cable is damaged by a magnet, but it carries the signal quality will usually be reduced so you have to buy a new cable.


From the above reviews it can be concluded that the magnet is not a serious threat to the various components of the computer in today's times. Because the strength of the magnetic current is not strong enough to damage the components so that you do not need to worry
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