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How to Change the Keyboard Layout Windows with Free Software

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

If you feel uncomfortable when you're typing on your computer, then maybe it's time you change your keyboard layout. Keyboard layout will indirectly affect your productivity at work. Therefore, changing the layout is decent you try if you are feeling uncomfortable again when working.

For example, many people are less comfortable with the delete button is in the top row right of the keyboard. Because the button is considered too much so it takes a split second to get there. To circumvent this, many who move the function to delete the shift key on the right side. That way, the delete button is easy to grasp your fingers.

This is one instance where changing the keyboard layout is important enough to add comfort when typing. In addition to the delete button, there are many other keys are commonly used, but is out of reach. The buttons are of course you can move it to wherever you like.

Therefore, on this occasion I will review the 3 pieces of the application that you can use to change your keyboard layout. The third application is relatively small in size and you can get for free. What are the applications? Consider the following reviews.


MapKeyboard is a free application that only has a size of 28 KB. This application allows you to move the keyboard function keys at once deadly function. This application can be used without the need to install first. The only requirement to be able to run this application is that you must have Microsoft. Net Framework already installed on your computer.

Mapkeyboard also very easy to use. How, select the keyboard you want to move, then choose where the button will be placed on the dropdown menu. With this application you can also change the function of the mouse button you have and also turn off the function keys you do not want.

Once done set it up, you simply press the save button and then restart your computer. after that, the keyboard layout you will instantly change and the change will not change until you change it again. One thing you should notice is that you have to change the keyboard layout you advance into shape if you intend to remove this application.


The next application is SharpKeys. You can change the keyboard key where you want to move on then the application will automatically change the registry value. In addition, to avoid any button pressed accidentally, then you can turn off the function of the key. If you want to restore the layout to its original shape after making a change, then you can do so by running this application again.

SharpKeys application supports a variety of layouts that can be used on a standard keyboard type. But unlike MapKeyboard applications, these applications can not be used to change the layout of the mouse button. But without any facility that feels this application is more than suited to meet your needs in changing the keyboard layout.


The last application you can use is KeyTweak. Applications are only 280 KB in size you can use easily to manage your keyboard layout. when running this application, you will see the same virtual keyboard that you have a physical keyboard.

To move it, you can select the button on the virtual keyboard is then transferred via a dropdown menu. In addition to the Windows key, the application can also be used to change your keyboard layout to be like a Macintosh.

Interestingly, KeyTweak application can also be used as a portable application to another by way of moving files KeyTweak.exe only. If you feel confused to use this application, you can view a PDF file that contains guidelines on how to use it. In addition, the guide also explained about some of the keys that can not be moved.
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