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How to "3D TV" Work ?

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

Lately, surely you often see a variety of commercial advertising on the 3D TV. Yes, 3-D television is a new breakthrough in the world of television that offers a new experience in watching television. Until now, 3D TVs are pretty much sold out and sold on the market. It is certainly not just because television is capable of displaying 3D content, but also because television is able to produce better image quality than similar high definition television. On this occasion, Paseban will review the workings of the 3D TV from the kind of zoom to any content that can be enjoyed in it.

Type 3D display

Maybe all this time we only know that the 3D view is the same on each device. Actually, there are 3 types of 3D display current where each display has its own disadvantages and advantages. The three types of views that are Active Shutter, passive, and Lenticular.

- Active Shutter

Active Shutter 3D images produced by displaying multiple frames in a sequence that is a frame for the left eye and then one frame for the right eye and so repeatedly. All image processing was going very fast even up to 60 times per second so that we will not realize a very complicated process. But there are also people who can realize that sometimes they feel dizzy after watching for a certain period of time.

Televisions that use this type of 3D display like this requires special glasses to watch it. Glasses are typically battery and must be recharged via a USB cable. Even so, this type of 3D display was hailed as the best 3D viewing because of the image produced is very smooth and neat.

- Passive (Polarised)

Passive 3D works by showing the frame to the left and right eye simultaneously. This view is then filtered by glasses that you use so that your eyes will only accept images that have been filtered by the glasses.

The image quality of the 3D Passive is not as good as the Active Shutter images you receive will look darker. But the glasses to the TV as it is widely available in the market and also does not require batteries to use.

- Lenticular (Glasses Free)

Lenticular technology is widely used by 3D TV at the present time because the technology does not require glasses to view it. The technology itself has a lot didimplementasikan on 3D camer and the Nintendo 3Ds. Lenticular technology is similar to holographic image optical illusion, where you will see a different picture from every angle. Although this technology is considered as the future of 3D television, but the quality of the images that are no better than the 3D televisions that use glasses.

Anything that can be watched on a 3D TV?

Many things that you can use to enjoy a 3-dimensional quality on your television, among which are:

    3D television broadcasts. Last year, the BBC has started a 3D broadcast to tens Wimbledon tournament and also the London Olympics. Meanwhile, Sky has launched a special channel for the 3D display.

    3D Blu-ray. You can watch a variety of movies blu-ray 3-D well in 3D TV.

    Playstation 3. There are plenty of games for the Playstation 3 that has a 3D display. In addition, the Playstation 3 also allows you to play blu-ray movie format well.

    Xbox 360. Just like the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 also has a game with a 3D view, although the number is still small.

In addition to the four media through it, you can also watch a 3D broadcast of a variety of 3D TV channels through this. Because most 3D TV comes with a converter that will transform two-dimensional broadcasts into 3 dimensions. But unfortunately the quality of the images produced by the converter is very bad so you are advised not to use these ftur.
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