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GO Weather Ex - Forecast Application For Android Users Dynamic

Rabu, 30 Januari 20130 komentar

For the traveler between the city, the weather will determine our desire to go to the city and move in it. Application GO Weather EX is the right application for the needs of Android users are always dynamic. GO Weather EX is an application viewer and weather forecasting.

Appearance weather forecast application is very easy to use and futuristic. There is also a guide to using this software in the help menu. The themes can be downloaded for free can easily be installed and run. A variety of interesting themes can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website directly or from a collection of other applications such as Google Play.

The application is fairly detailed in showing the weather. The data shown on the screen is the data location, temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, rain forecast, sunrise and sunset time, pressure, and others. Data shown in layardapat modified by users for each.

Weather is available in every four hours for the free version, can be every hour for a paid version or a pro. This prediction is not only temperature and precipitation alone, but almost all the data displayed screen can be foreseen for the next 5 days in 24 hour format.

That makes interesting of these applications is the visualization of meteorological data are displayed on the phone screen. All data is processed by the application of a background animation that shows the current weather according to the data displayed on the phone screen.

For countries that have their own calculation system, the application can be modified to the units used. Some units conversion facility contained in this application is the conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit for temperature, miles to kilometers for distance, and so on. This facility is very easy for users who are familiar with the unit calculation adopted by them.

In addition to units that can be modified, the facilities are quite important is the language option of GO Weather EX that can be tailored to the user's application. To date there are more than 10 languages ​​owned this application. Language added to the latest version of this application is a Czech, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Turkish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

The drawback of this app is the weather forecast data source is not displayed. The data source is important because we do not know who issued the data and whether the data is reliable for the future.

Additionally sometimes weather data is not updated because a network error. Sometimes it is also data available for the destination city. Not terupdatenya this data can reach 24 hours. It is of course very detrimental to users who put their trust in this weather forecast application.

In addition to weather data that is sometimes updated, locations were experiencing the same thing. The delay in the appearance of the location data can reach about an hour. This delay occurs when using automatic location update facility. To overcome this application users can manually update their own location and then followed by terupdatenya meteorological data automatically.

For the hunters free apps for Android, app weather forecast does not give more satisfaction. Inequality a free version and a paid version is very visible. As background application that can be installed only two types on the free version, display minimal data, weather forecast data are limited, restrictions on content themes that could be used, and the animation is monotonous. To get a more complete version and paid users have to pay $ 5. This application is only for devices using the Android operating system which has two versions, free and paid. Until now GO Weather EX has been on version 3.4. This application requires Android operating system version 2.2 and above. You can download https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gau.go.launcherex.gowidget.weatherwidget.
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