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Dell Inspiron 15z - Windows 8 Ultrabook Newest

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After the rise of Windows 8 operating system was released, started many vendors vying to bear superior products using this operating system. Because the operating system is intended for a touch screen device market, so many vendors are innovating creating hybrid laptop device. Laptops laptop hybrid is a device that has a screen that can be operated by touch such as tablets. So the laptop can also be regarded as a hybrid mix between a laptop and a tablet. This opportunity is not wasted by Dell to release a product that carries the Ultrabook Windows 8 operating system in anyarnya product named Dell Inspiron 15z. Approximately how it performs? Here's his review.

Ultrabook released by Dell is not really carrying a touchscreen display screen technology standardnya. If you want to get this Ultrabook with touch screen capabilities, you have to upgrade you can choose the time of purchase. At time of purchase you can choose the desired specifications. Of course, the higher the specification, it will be more in the pocket you have dug. In the package is available in the Ultrabook specification i3/i5/i7 processors.

In addition to processor and screen options, the amount of RAM and a choice of graphics card is also available. Course will be directly proportional to the price. To pack a high specification of Dell Inspiron 15z, available i7 processor with 6 GB RAM and Nvidia GT630M graphics card. of course with the operating system Windows 8. With these specifications priced at $ 999.99 tau approximately 9.5 million you can bring home Ultrabook Windows 8 this high specification.

The design of the Ultrabook has a common form carried on laptops on the market. With metal clad smooth and sturdy decorated with the logo of the Dell, making the display of the laptop is fine, but charming. No design innovations made by Dell Inspiron 15z on her this. no screen that can be rotated or screen that can be removed like any other laptop on the market hybrid. Only Ultrabook usual conventional style. But still interesting to look at and very elegant. Also on the keyboard of the Ultrabook has a backlight which is used in the MacBook. So when you use this Ultrabook in low-light conditions, you will not have trouble. With dimensions of 382 x 250 x 21 mm and weighs 2:17 kg, making this laptop is not as comfortable as other Ultrabook to carry around, but the size and weight is not too annoying when you carry it around to put in your bag.

The screen size is carried by Dell product named Dell Inspiron 15z has a rather large size. With a screen size of 15.6 inch, made an appearance at the Ultrabook is a relief and vacant to display colors and beautiful images of Windows 8. But very disayangan is not followed by a large screen resolutions greater. With 1366 x 768 resolution makes the screen relieved to be useless because the number of pixels that are not so great. But the display of the Inspiron 15z is not so bad and still be able to display images with clear and crisp.

Kitchen runway is provided in this Ultrabook is enough to run Windows 8 smoothly and without a hitch. With an Intel Core i7 3517U Ivy Bridge which has clocked 1.9 GHz, 6 GB of RAM and a Nvidia GT630 Graphics card, you will not find any lag or hang when you are sliding the screen of Windows 8 Ultrabook Dell invested in this.

In terms of communication media that can be used to connect with other devices, the Inspiron 15z has 4 USB ports that are usually only available in 2 pieces Ultrabook devices on the market, but it is also present in the optical drive. In addition there is also a USB port HDMI port, Ethernet port and SD card reader. With its absence makes the Inspiron 15z VGA port can not be connected to a conventional monitors still use VGA port.

The conclusion that can be drawn from the above brief review is that Dell gives a little different from all the Ultrabook innovation in the market. The screen size is large and roomy although not followed by a great resolution but is still unable to show a clear image, dihadirkannya optical drive, pretty good specs and designs are simple yet captivating makes Ultrabook is worthy of being your partner. Interested?
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