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Computer Buying Tips: 5 Common Mistakes In Buying a Computer

Kamis, 31 Januari 20130 komentar

Although mobile computing devices is currently growing and very popular, desktop computers are still an option that is not less good. The computer has various advantages its weaknesses. One of the most favored desktop computer users are, this computer sets can be assembled easily. We can also assemble computers and some components of magnitude as they pleased, as bags and also appropriate computer skills desired. Although finished assembling, we can also easily upgrade the hardware in it as RAM, VGA, Sound Card and even processors. Here's some of the excess surplus computer which makes it superior.

Now, if you want him to assemble a set of computer we will give you some tips to buy a computer so we do not get caught in the error that is common but often recur when they want to assemble a computer.

Buying a computer processor

The processor or CPU is also commonly called the brains of the computer. On the hardware on this one, all commands to the software on the computer in the process, and distributed to the entire computer. No wonder jiga device that is very expensive.

Calculation of the processor is still used GHz, although there used to be a processor that has not reached the Giga, still MHz. The greater the number, the more powerful pre-GHz is also a processor. Perhaps this is true once but for the moment it seems a bit different. For example, AMD and Intel are the clock together 4 Core 2.5 GHz equivalent. But in reality, only one that can really carry the 2.5 is. This means the 2.5 GHz processor can operate at 2.5 billion cycles per second. In fact, the existing technology on an Intel capable of operating from that number. This is what makes it even better.

Buying RAM

Such as processors, RAM also often seen from the large numbers pinned on this device. 8GB is better than 4GB. Indeed enlarge RAM will significantly improve the speed of your computer, but the figure is not everything. In addition to the brand, we must also consider the speed of the internal RAM. Typically, the internal speed is also ditulisakan on the sticker with the unit MHz RAM. The higher internal speed is eating the sooner he read the data, the higher the external speed, the sooner he sends the data to your computer.

Buying a Hard Drive

For hard maybe we already know a lot. The larger capacity hard drive, the more vulnerable we are affected by the disease slow him. My disk must also be coupled with a large reading speed as well. If not, this will actually be a disaster. Measure of the speed of rotation of the disc drive employs a unit of RPM (Revolution Per Minute). Hard drive with 1000RPM speed will be faster to read than on the hard disk with a speed of 900RPM. Hard drive with good speed is an act of good investment because if your hard drive is a bit slow power reading, the more prone kemaceten piraingan round disk. You know the latest hard drive technology called SSD (Solid State Drive)? Until now there is no this type of drive that 1 Tera. But the speed of reading data outpacing brother HDD. However, the price is very expensive drives.

Buying Monitor

For some people, talking is talking sized monitor. It is not always like that. Nowadays so many products that we can choose the monitor. Instead you buy a monitor thin but with smaller resolution, you better buy a tube monitor image quality even further. However, the problem now is, almost all computer monitors deliver the same specifications, some specifications even less we understand.

If you are a videoholic, then surely you know where the weaknesses of each monitor. You will be able to compare LCD and LED, contrast ratio, image quality, color sharpness, and so on. In addition we also need to look after ports on the monitor. Do not until you either buy a monitor and it does not have a port for the device in your home. one port is required for the current HDMI. Various electronic devices using this port because it proved to be able to display images more leverage.

Discounts are not always good

We recommend not tempted by the discounts offered by electronics stores or when the computer exhibition. You should still have the right calculation and critical when buying. Discounts only reason to 100 so to buy a computer product if you do not want to be disappointed. Discounts are usually the scenario to boost sales. Many items are discounted because it had long been in the store and not sell.
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