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Collages Make Your Own With Applications For Instagram on iOS: Instaframe +

Kamis, 31 Januari 20130 komentar

Are you a person who "addicted" to Instagram? Naturally, because it is one of the technologies that became a star in 2012 is Instagram. Although impressed simple, able to enchant Instagram internet users to use the facilities they provide. Add your addiction is not the intent, but it will make you more enjoy using Instagram. Much more we can do with Instagram outside features that Instagram given alone. Applications for Instagram is named Instaframe +.

Instaframe + provides a variety of decorations for your photos on Instagram as well as the main-frame is a unique frame-unique. Activities decorate photos or often called collage will be greatly facilitated by the Instagram app for this. If when you Elementary (Elementary School) recalls how about a collage art lessons must now become more proficient. We can apply this one application.


The main purpose of this application is to create additional decorations on the photo for distribution to your social networks. If we see from its name that brings frills "Insta" means he was enabled to photo sharing sites like the Facebook, Twitter, Linked and more. But we discussed it later. Now we discuss what can be done by this application.

At the first time running this application, you only have to click on the Layout button at the bottom of the screen to select hundreds of layouts that have been provided. After completion of select, tap on your selection and select the image to be inserted into the collage layout. Match the photo-collage to collage there. eg collage you select any part portrait or landscape, so many images will not be truncated. Placement of the right photo in the collage will give a better presentation of the picture again. Later, in the following description, photos will be decorated with a variety of other extra that seem sweeter.

Once you choose Layour filled with photos, our task is to determine other suitable frame. Tap the frame at the bottom of the screen and select the frame provided by the application. There are hundreds of designs frame here, you do not have to worry about running out of stock frame.

Once finished getting the right frame, our next task is a little editing. Tap the Adjust button. Here you can do the editing on the photos that seemingly looks better photo angle is obtuse (rounded), the margin between each photo, create shadows and how big or shadow boundaries. In addition to the margin between the photos, we can also set margins beyond our pictures too.

The next step is text. It becomes difficult to separate one from the activities menghiasai a photograph. You just tap the Text button and add any words that are suitable for your photos or you want to add some stickers on your photos. There are so many options that we can do for text setting. So live your creativity to make it even better and suited to the taste and photo.

The last step in this decking credible form (collage) is a color adjustment. All the trimmings that you enter the color that you want can be set to match the main picture. You can change the color of the frame, border photos, images and others. For photos limitations, there are some special color options that are available.

Make sure all the trimmings that you make look good because, as discussed earlier, our activity is aimed to share photos. Do not let the photo you want to share to their friends less unsightly. When you are ready to tap the Share button to share the top right corner of the screen and the app will give you a great list to publish and share your work. Of course, Instagram is a major social networking, because the current site is the most popular among pen-sharing photos. But Instagram is not the only one, we'll still be able to share the work on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker and many more.

If you are interested please download the application here (free time this article was written). Large file 81.1MB, Compatible for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. You must have iOS 4.3 or above. For the iPhone 5, the application is currently under development.
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