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Cobian Backup, File Backup Software Best and Free For Windows

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Cobian Backup is a free file backup software for Windows. File backup software is packed with features, but with a minimalist look. Users can create multiple backups for different purposes. You can also schedule it individually, create a backup file to a different location, compress or encrypt backups, and much more. If you are looking for a backup tool that is truly flexible and easy to use, Cobian Backup is the right choice.

Cobian Backup by Luis Cobian has been developed. It is written in Delphi and used as open source under the Mozilla Public License. Software backup file itself is supported by an extensive help files and tutorials are available in the Program Files folder.

Cobian Backup Installation

Installation is done through a basic setup that you often encounter, such as TOS approval and manufacture of a shortcut, but there are also some things that include steps deeper. Some options require an explanation, which is offered in both the tip and the mouse-over in the Help file. The location of the Help files on your computer may differ depending on the operating system. During setup, you can switch to one of the many languages ​​through the menu on the left side all the time. Once the program is installed, then this program will be in your Windows system tray. Open to continue setup.

Preparing Cobian Backup

Cobian Backup offers many advanced features, but the developers managed to make it simple. To create a new backup, click the '+'. Task to backup software is set as a preference. There are eight different categories on the left menu bar and options that can be selected in the main window on the right. Under the General tab you can specify a name and select the type of backup. Explanations for each option diberkan the mouse-over tool tip.

Backup source and destination selected in the Files menu. You can add files, directories, FTP, or add sources manually. The last part is particularly useful, for example, when the external device is not connected to your computer. If you add a few goals, it will be used if all connected, but the backup will not be revoked if the device is not connected. You can drag and drop files and folders from Windows Explorer. This is the final step that must be done.

Scheduling backups are optionally available. You can choose from a wide selection. One is on startup one, although this is not always practical.

All settings in the application of advanced and optional. Under the Dynamics menu, you can set priorities, how many copies of full backups to keep, and when to pick up a copy if you choose a full or incremental backup is different. To save space and increase security, you can compress and encrypt your backups through the Archive menu. While the Filter menu, allowing you to include or exclude specific file. On the Events menu, you can open or close the program before or after the backup. On the Advanced menu, you can set using an absolute path, or run an application as another user.

Running Backup

You should always set a schedule for your backups, so it will run automatically. However, you can also run them manually at any time. Click the play button to perform the selected task. Click the double play on the far left to run all tasks. When you confirm you can set to turn off the computer when all tasks complete.

Backups can be paused, or canceled by pressing back buttons, which will be available when the task runs. For the record, Cobian Backup never experienced a crash on the old version. But this never happened to the new version. Ensure that the program is actually running 'stand-by', so it will run backups automatically.

Additional Functions

If you are exploring the menu bar, then you will find more functions, such as clone task and some tools. Further options available via the Settings button. Here you can change the language, set a hotkey, adjusting log, mail log set functions, set a speed limit FTP, customize the visual appearance of Cobian Backup and function, and many more. Additionally, Cobian Backup offers a tutorial that will take you to the whole process of installation and setup.

Download Cobian Backup for Windows.
cobian.se/cobianbackup.htm | Mirror

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