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New Mini console from Nintendo Wii

Kamis, 06 Desember 20120 komentar

After launching the latest generation Wii U console, Nintendo will soon launch consoles 'new' via the Wii Mini on December 7 for the Canadian market. Steps taken Nintendo was seen as a business strategy that Nintendo is not quickly 'dead'. The strategy is also used for product Sony Playstation hers, where at all Playstation series always comes up mini versions.

About the Nintendo Wii Mini itself, you will see a drastic change in the shape and dimensions of the console. In addition to the reduced dimensions of about 40 percent smaller, Wii Mini also experienced some fairly significant reduction features. The first change is the removal of the port for the GameCube, then the lack of WiFi devices so that gamers do not have the option to play online for all types of games and the Wii desktop features.

Installation disc games will be similar to the Playstation One and his elder brother, GameCube. But again, the Wii Mini no longer be used to read from the console GameCube game discs. In the Wii Mini package, buyers can get a nunchuk and a Wiimote. Perhaps of interest is the use of red-black color for Wii Mini, out of the grip of white or other soft colors commonly applied Nintendo.

Regarding the decision to release a console exclusively in Canada, is considered by many as a business strategy course, where the best-selling console sales when it is most likely the Wii Mini will be sold in more countries in the world. Mini Wii selling price will be priced at the rate $ 99.99 or £ 62. If the price of the Wii Mini dirupiahkan means only about Rp900 thousand, if there are additional price for postage may Wii Mini can be obtained with a range of R1, 2 million.

Nintendo party who was represented by Director of Marketing and Products, Bill Trinen revealed that the presence of Wii Mini is targeted to people who do not have a Wii console. "I think there's potential for a lot of people who have not had time to buy a Wii, believe it or not, they might be interested at the right price, so we'll see from that point of view." Trinen said, as quoted by Gamespot.com. If it is so, we look forward to it if the Wii Mini will be sold in Canada so it can be sold to a wider market. [DMS]
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