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My Monster Rancher - Monster Caring Games for Android Smartphones

Rabu, 05 Desember 20120 komentar

For those of you who have a gamer since the '90s, certainly knows the game called Monster Rancher. This game was a phenomenon in the beginning of its appearance thanks to its exciting gameplay and addictive. This game tells the story of your career as a nurse monsters to train him to be the strongest monster by winning the tournament. Monster Rancher was first made in a game on 24 November 1997 for the Sony Play Station console. And since then it has made several sequels, card games, and even adapted into anime form. And finally, take care of this monster game can be played on your Android device.

For the mobile version, the game is named My Monster Rancher. Just like the previous game, My Monster Rancher is made by Tecmo (now Tecmo Koei) but produced by Mobage. No change from the other games, this game is about a nurse monster (played by yourself) who becomes obsessed best monster breeder.

To play this game you need an internet connection. And before playing, you must create an account Mobage first. If you have played the previous games Mobage production, surely you already have it. When first playing the game take care of this monster, you will be accompanied by an assistant and will give a monster to be trained. These monsters are assigned randomly, so every player will not necessarily receive the same monsters. After getting the monster, you can give your name and you will immediately be able to train.

How to train the monsters in this game is easy, just press the command button only. Please note that each monster has a stat that same power, intelligence, skill, speed, defend, and life. However, each monster has their interest to a portion of the exercise. For example, type monster Golem was like when trained and defend power and less like the exercise portion of speed. Rate favorite monster is very influential on the results of his training. If monsters like it, then stat will rise more than other stat. To make a portion of the exercise, monster requires stamina. Each of the exercises will spend 10 stamina. If stamina runs out, you have to wait a few hours until his stamina is full back or feed to increase stamina.

In addition to training, the game take care of this monster monster You also can send you to follow a race against each other and defeat the monster breeder. The game between these monsters can be quite simple. You just have to have a stat that is larger than your opponent. With the advantage of stat and also a little luck, you can win the race and take home cash and prizes. The more you win the race, then the monster will rank up and allowed her to enter the race at a higher level. Of course, with competition at a higher level you will get more money and fame as a breeder and your level will be rising.

Graph of My Monster Rancher was packaged very well. The monster design is made is not much different from the console version. Similarly, the music of this game. Made with a very entertaining and makes players more comfortable playing this game. For you fans and players Monster Rancher series, this game will definitely be a nostalgic. You will meet again with the monsters that characterizes Monster Rancher like Mochi, Hare, Suezo, Pixie, or Golem. The drawback of this game may be with the battle system. Maybe it would be better if the player can see the way the race and how to fight monsters like the console version. Features unlimited stamina that also makes you can not play this game for too long and have to spend more time to wait to recover stamina.

Nevertheless, caring monster game is still very fun to play. Play it you'll be hooked. My Monster Rancher size 17 MB and can be played on Android 4.0. Download the game for free.
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