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Japanese Create Robotic Android To Accompany Astronauts

Rabu, 05 Desember 20120 komentar

Japan has not been left behind in the field of robotics. You could say they are the world's most enthusiastic in the field of robotics. Japanese robots creation that gets a lot of attention from the world. Robots that many become one of the world's attention is a humanoid robot as human-created and assigned to assist the work of man.

This time the Japanese created a humanoid assigned to accompany or practically assistant Japanese astronaut in space. With a height of 34 cm and a weight of 1 kg, the robot's part of Kibo (hope) Project Robot Japan will accompany Japanese astronaut, Koichi Wakata during his mission into space. Koichi Wakata who worked on the International Space Station got a job for six months in space, this being one of the considerations to make humanoid robot that can talk to accompany the astronauts. However, the robot will not be on the fly in a plane with an astronaut, he was released a month earlier than the launch astronauts.

This robot when viewed from a sketch similar to the little robot hero, Astro Boy. The more similar because the robot is tiny and colored like Astro Boy. It's just that he does not have deadly weapons. Its great again, this robot is a robot based on Android. Android the latter is known as the OS for mobile devices can be made to 'OS' it humanoid.

Besides duty to accompany astronauts, robots Android also responsible for photographing all the sights during his missions, as reported by AFP on Monday (03/11/2012). Such information will be sent to the Japanese Kibo laboratory. Until recently, the creators of the Tokyo University team, Dentsu and the creator of the Android robot, Tomotaka Takahashi has not given a name for this Android robot, instead they ask for advice to the public to give a suitable name. What a fitting name do you think?
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