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BlackBerry Screen Size 10 No 2, RIM Admits Difficulties

Rabu, 05 Desember 20120 komentar

There are two types of prime BlackBerry 10 devices that will be launched next year. First is a full-touch mobile phone with a screen resolution of 1280 x 730. Both the physical QWERTY keyboard dengna phones with resolution of 720 x 720.

The question of two different device form factor is about the operation of applications on each device. Moreover, these two BlackBerry 10 smartphone applications share the same store, the BlackBerry World.

RIM BlackBerry Jam itself in Asia 2012 which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, on 29 and 30 then, as quoted KompasTekno, acknowledged the difficulty of unifying the user experience on the two platforms it.

Developer Relations and Ecosystem Development Vice President of Research in Motion, Alec Saunders said that some assets may have to undergo resize applications in order to provide a consistent user experience. While South Asia Managing Director of Research in Motion, Hastings Singh said it would take "a significant remodeling" multi-form factor.

Regarding user experience, Application Platform and Tools Vice President of Research in Motion, Christopher Smith's line of work is directly related to the application development process stated that customize the user experience on the BlackBerry platform between 10 different types of input and aspect ratio of the screen is a "big challenge "for application developers (developers).

Smith added, it tries to make it easier for developers to create applications that are optimized for each BlackBerry device form factor 10. The trick is to provide a default set of optimal behavior for each form factor in BlackBerry application development tools 10. In this way, the developer is expected to maximize the user experience both on the BlackBerry device 10 and a full-touch QWERTY keyboard.

From this, the question arises whether there will be two versions of the same application in order to optimize the user experience in their respective form factor as well as the Apple App Store with iPhone applications and applications that are optimized for the iPad? In this case, Smith said everything left to the developer, whether to provide two versions or just one course with all its consequences.

What is clear, according to Smith, each form factor requires a different application layouts to maximize the user experience. Gaming applications, for example, is different between the way the controls and a full-touch device with a physical QWERTY keyboard.

We just have to wait until next year, when RIM launched the BlackBerry platform is officially 10. This application stores, according to the targets set by the company concerned, will contain at least 100,000 applications for BlackBerry 10.
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