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Best Foursquare for Windows Mobile 7

Jumat, 28 Desember 20121komentar

For those of you owners of Windows Phone 7 being avid Foursquare, cheer up! Now there is a new application that is suitable for use by the Mayor Foursquare like you. Indeed, he appears to feel differently when compared to Foursquare client in general. But make no mistake, this application is very helpful for Mayor in the scramble area! Exciting, no?

Uses and How to Wear
Named 4th &Mayor; an output application developer from Seattle, Jeff Wilcox. Foursquare game you would be more 'kick'.

As the name implies, the application is very easy for the major in the master territory. When you first open the application, you are immediately greeted by a welcome, such as good morning, afternoon or night, using the display immediately shows the recent activity of your friends. He is considered to be very interactive for you.

You can also directly comment on the location where your friends checked in on Foursquare them. Basically, this application has four columns, the friends, places, to-do, and explore.

Friends, Places, To-Do, and Explore
In columns friends, will show recent activity of your friends. While the field will make the detection of the places closest venue so you can check in directly. And in the To-do, you can write the schedule like the web version. Interesting!

If you click the column explore, 4th &Mayor; will advise you of some of the best venues to visit, complete with a search field. For example, when you type the word 'pizza', the application will immediately advise some pizza venue nearby. So accurate, of course.

When you click on a friend's profile, you can see how the venue that he mastered, the types of badge he got, the tips that he wrote, as well as a Facebook page or his Twitter. And when you check in at the major venues, the application will send a check in the amount of notification that we need to reclaim his position as Mayor. Awesome! And as the info to you, 4th &Mayor; can have for free through Windows Marketplace. Do it now!
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