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Apple flee, Financial Condition Samsung Stay Calm

Jumat, 28 Desember 20120 komentar

In 2013, Samsung is expected to bring in revenues of $ 13 billion could not be separated from the benefits derived from the various forms of cooperation with Apple. But the news that said Apple has gradually begun to reduce its dependence on Samsung, Samsung is expected to make chaos. But is it true that the Samsung is very dependent on Apple?

Recent data collected by Digitimes website it says otherwise. Apple is no longer gradual ordered chips for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from Samsung but apparently it had no effect on the stability of the financial condition Samsung. Apple plans to stop the order processor, battery and display of the Samsung and will actually leave Samsung in 12 to 18 months does not seem able to shake the foundations of the current Samsung is very sturdy.

Samsung get memomentum very good from the sale of Android devices, and it seems the Korean company wants to maintain the momentum. Sales of Android smartphones and tablets continues to strengthen assessed to replace the position of Apple which has been the exclusive Samsung customers with transactions worth millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, analyst Mark Newman rai Bernstein Research estimates that Apple had gone from an exclusive list of Samsung consumers will only provide minimal influence on the Samsung. Even if very powerful, it will only reduce revenues by 3% only Samsung. In other words, Samsung will be fine without the presence of Apple;)

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