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5 Application and Best Free Streaming Radio for Android

Kamis, 06 Desember 20120 komentar

How does streaming radio app work? The DJ or presenter on satellite radio can choose what music or program to fill air time in the air. Many of them are using a CD or invite musicians come to perform live. The resulting sound is transmitted through the digital format. Signals encoded by satellite and then sent to a repeater antenna. Repeater hand in hand with customer property that translates radio signals and plays the sound. Speaking of radio, New Tech below has a list of 5 best free streaming application for your Android device. To find out what the best radio streaming application for you, the following reviews.

TuneIn Radio Pro

Enjoy the largest selection of radio in the world, currently with over 50,000 radio stations that stream instantly. You'll find hundreds of music formats, talk figures, national networks like BBC, NPR and SWR, podcasts, live sports, news, weather, even scanners. TuneIn Radio Pro has many users from all Android users because it is provided by the radio network is reliable and you can choose which area of ​​the radio you want to hear. However, in accordance with the theme, streaming radio you must have an internet connection prior to using this application. To get it, you can simply mendownlodnya here.

DeaDBeef Pro

This is a radio player application that can play many file formats + online radio (shoutcast), and not to mention this is a Pro version (without ads). Some features were embedded in radio applications, such as: multiple playlists - equalizer with 10 bands and presets - gapless playback - viewing music file tags and album art - ReplayGain - shuffle tracks and shuffle albums mode - works with folders - last.fm scrobbling - plays many file formats - mp3, ogg, AAC/MP4, flac, ape, wv, wav, sid, mod, s3m, nsf and more - loads cuesheets - online streaming radio (shoutcast / Icecast) - full unicode support and charset detection - 4 × 1 widget - displaying music file tags. This application has a display interface that is very intriguing and subtle. The design will make you feel at home see this app in a long time though. To get this application directly, you can download it here.

Wunder Radio

Wunder Radio provides a great way to listen to thousands of internet radio stations and audio streaming global other streams. Search a huge directory of stations provided by RadioTime, searching by location and over 400 different genre such as music, talk, sports, and entertainment. And you do not need a subscription to use this application, simply all you need is your internet connection sufficient to stream any radio station you want. This application also has the look of a very smooth interface. To get this app, you can go directly to this link.

Radio RIP

Radio RIP allows you to listen to and record your favorite internet radio stations. In fact you can listen to radio stations for up to 4 channels available simultaneously, so you are allowed to listen to one station and record up to three other stations. The song you saved, it is stored using ID3 tags ID3 tags which is capable of keeping track of the correct info is available, such as artist and album art brought by the song. Display interface provided by the application is also misleading for anyone who is new to use it. You can download the application here.


Android Application streaming radio last iHeartRadio. iHeartRadio delivers more than 400 of America's favorite radio stations right to your Android phone. Bookmark your favorite stations, and also allows you to view lyrics and enjoy on-demand content including exclusive performances, songs and short stories of the stars of the hottest musicians on the rise today. Not only can deliver music, but this application also offers you the best radio stations with talk directly to you. It has a stunning user interface make this application feasible for you to use. To use it, you can get this application here. [PY]
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