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Various 9Gag Application for Android The Recommendation

Minggu, 04 November 20126komentar

If you have questions about what entertainment site frequently accessed lately? Of course many will answer 9gag. Indeed, the site has become an international phenomenon with a joke-candaannya that can make you laugh out loud. The advantages of this site is that each person who registered to donate his joke. The joke will be rated by other users. If you get a lot of positive feedback, the joke will be displayed on the front page of the site 9gag. With a reach of 1 billion visitors each month, and the number of people who participated gave their joke-joke, you will not be bored by this site.

Therefore, to meet the needs of the community in order to access anywhere 9gag, 9gag various developers to create applications that can be opened from their Android smartphones. Not only that, the developers even make applications allow users to create and post their jokes via mobile. On this occasion New Tech will review applications for Android 9gag question. Congratulations to follow.

9Gag (Free)

Application of the first course is the application to access 9gag through your Android device. Although not an official 9Gag applications, but developers claim JMT Apps app offers features similar 9Gag when you open the browser.

Through this application, you can easily access all three of the main page 9Gag, the Hot Page, Trending Page, and Vote Page. Its use was fairly easy, you just rub your finger to see further images. You can also download and save your favorite pictures on the SD Card. You also can contribute to comment on any joke you see.

Although the process of loading his image takes a long time, but with good picture quality make you satisfied and ready to laugh out loud. Application size is 203 KB only and can be downloaded here.

Meme Generator

It feels less afdol if you open 9Gag without participating in donating your joke ideas through pictures. Therefore 9Gag second application allows you to create Meme's popular on this site through Meme Generator. Meme is an image that often appears on the internet and writings above and below it to make it more funny pictures.

There are more than 300 provided by the application Meme ZomboDroid this claim, like the Bad Luck Brian, Scumbag Steve, Conspiracy Keanu, Philosoraptor, Condescending Wonka, and of course many more. To start making Meme, you should do first is to select the desired image. Then after that you can fill the posts above and below the image. If you are satisfied with the results, you will be able to save the image. Is no less interesting than Meme Generator application is, you do not have to connect to the internet when making images. And also you can use photos from your camera phone to be a Meme.

If you are someone who often made post in 9Gag, then you must have this app. Meme Generator size 18 MB, compatible for Android OS 2.1 and above, and can be downloaded for free in the Android Market.

9Gag Uploader

What happens if you can make a Meme at the phone but can not upload directly to the site 9Gag? It may be a little cumbersome because you have to move pictures from the phone to the computer until you can upload images. But with the application 9Gag called 9Gag Uploader, the problem should not happen again.

As the name suggests, Valter Costa's claim application allows you to upload images of your work to 9Gag directly from your Android device. To do so, you first need to log in to your account or Facebook 9Gag. After that, choose the image you want to upload, then enter the name of the title joke. Once everything is sorted out, post your work will be directly available on the Vote Page 9Gag. Very easy is not it?
9Gag Uploader can be used on your Android by providing a space of 800 KB and has a minimum of OS 2.2. You can directly download the application here.
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4 November 2012 18.40

Wowow keren bget tampilannya....tpi ane belum punya duit buat beli yg kyk gitu...

4 November 2012 19.04

appnya free gan jadi gak usah beli :D

4 November 2012 22.27

kunjungan balik bos cools n nice blogs'''''''' click here ! thanks,,,,,,,,,

5 November 2012 04.01

wah aya pingin nih,tapi mungkin ga bakalan terbeli.terima kasih infonya.

5 November 2012 13.51

bagus tuh softwarenya. tapi ane punyanya symbian. andai bisa di upgrade jd android..

6 November 2012 01.36

.. aq juga hanya punya symbian. huhh ..

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