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Review: Gaming Notebook "Razer Blade" Latest From ASUS

Kamis, 01 November 20120 komentar

Razer Blade - Laptop Gaming With Slim Design and User Interface The Riveting

When your minds are stigmatized gaming laptop that shaped thick, bulky and heavy, you need to glance at the following. Razer Blade gaming laptop designed to break the stigma. Razer made with the dimensions 2.2 x 42 x 27.6 cm. Thick as a MacBook or Ultrabook. Razer gaming laptop weight is only 3kg is a charger that weighs 0.31 kg. When compared to the many popular gaming laptop gamers Asus G75VW-DS71 noticeable differences in contrast. Weight-DS71 Asus G75VW more than 4kg, when coupled with the charger total weight to 5.5 kg. Severe problems that often interfere with gamers because latop is a portable gadget. Supposedly portable gadgets portable and painless. Terms labels make Razer gaming laptop can not reduce the width because it needs a large screen and keyboard like a PC. Blade has a 17-inch wide screen.

One advantage of a gaming laptop is a large cavity in the machine and can install large coolers that can keep laptop heat. Maybe you're a little hesitant at Razer Blade when playing a heavy game in a long time. One of the leading web laptop has been testing the Razer gaming laptop by way of playing the game Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 intensive hours. It feels a little warm on the left near the laptop cooler and not too hot in the middle of the keyboard. This is because good design of the Razer laptop so that the heat generated remains in the cooling components as well as the work of a fan that works optimally. Cavities contained on the Razer Blade laptop transferring heat out, when you hold your hand to the cavities will be hot. Cooling hot parts when tested at 43.30 C and only 330 C at the center of the keyboard.

Sport 17-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels will not disappoint you about the graph. Plus Blade in chock full HD which makes video and high resolution images can be presented properly, the game will feature clear graphics. What is your favorite game? Battel Field 3, Skrym, all will look good on the Razer Blade. Audio accompanying the Razer Blade is also no less good, Dolby Home Theater V4 produces a strong and clear voice. It's just that the bass on the speakers are not too out Blade. If you want a more powerful voice could use headphones or speakers as well. When you combine Blade with HDMI to the Home Theater will produce Surround Sound 7.1 sound.

The keyboard is used on the Razer Blade Razer gaming keyboard similar to the buttons deathstalker square. Just switching the keyboard is not the same as most premium mechanical keyboard, it's like a laptop keyboard gaming in general. Looks like it just looks similar to the Razer deathstalker not components. Do not forget the keyboard laced Blade bright green light, the same light on the Razer logo. One of the somewhat surprising is the inclusion of anti-ghosting telnologi (technology that allows us to press many buttons at once) on the keyboard. It is rarely found in gaming laptops. Usually available for premium mechanical keyboard. Usually this technology is needed at a time when we are playing MMORPG game because sometimes we have to play and chat.

Unlike most latop, Blade does not have the palmrest and touchpad also no NumLock on the right of the keyboard. Typical gaming keyboard NumLock to be a replacement touch screen touchpad. This design maximizes the function which is indeed a replacement touchpad mouse. Mouse always in the right users, so it's becoming more comfortable being in the right than in the palmrest. The touch screen is also more sensitive than the touchpad. This technology is referred to as the Razer Switchblade Ui. In addition to its function as a mouse replacement, Switchblade UI functioned rather well in a NumLock and opening videos from YouTube or small as game tutorials. Above the touch screen is available shortkey for music, Gmail and social networking, display illumination settings, the macro recorder, YouTube, screenshots and enable gaming mode which serves to facilitate gamers instantly. It's impressive technology.


Although somewhat thin, Razer gaming laptop is equipped with three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, headset jack and a Kensington lock slot. Unfortunately all these ports are on the left. Sometimes we need to port or modem cooling pad more often in pairs on the right. There is no optical drive on the Blade. It's also a bit annoying flaws because we will often install games via optical drive. We would have to spend to buy an external optical drive. Blade even optimize your internet connection with WiFi (802.11 n) and Gigabite Blootooth Ethernet and 4.0. Blade has a hard drive capacity of 500GB and 64GB mSATA Cache to store vital systems so when booting faster. Blade hard drive is smaller than the Asus G75VW-DS71 that kapasistasnya 750GB. The processor used on the Razer Blade i7-3632QM quad-core processor with kecepatan@2.2GHz, VGA nVidia GeForce GTX 660M.
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