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Review | BiteSMS For iOS - Best Cydia Application To Send SMS Cool on iPhone

Kamis, 08 November 20121komentar

Cydia was created in order to facilitate users of Apple mobile products. The main requirement, iPhone, iPad or iPod you must first be jailbroken. Cydia applications sometimes very unique or sometimes provide additional features that are not thought of by Apple. One is a messaging application BiteSMS. Maybe there are some other applications that help users iOS iMessage or SMS as a standard SMS. But their use is rather complicated because they have to unlock it first, enter your passcode, could open new SMSnya. With BiteSMS messaging will be easier and more cool. So you can reply to the SMS in lockscreen mode. New Tech sense, this Cydia app for iOS messaging.

And Installation and Set Up

BiteSMS is available in Cydia. Simply find the application and install it on your iOS device. The application is available in free and paid versions. For a free version of the ads will appear, but if you do not like the ad, can buy the paid version at a price of $ 9.99. In addition to eliminating all advertising, Andajuga can change the theme and to tweek ¬-display applications. After finishing the installation, you will return to the page to download the desire to tweek esuai. You can make arrangements features available on the application page.


There are so many features on this iPhone app, and its features are very good to use when going to send the SMS. The most important feature is the rapid Replay or reply in any other way done quickly. Could have done without the unlock screen, without pause the game or other application. So SMS will not interfere with the activities carried out by your iPhone. Especially if you're playing games.

When there is an incoming message, there are some things that can be done without opening the iPhone or pause the game such as Open, Call, Replay, Close, Templates, Pop-Up, Skype, and FaceTime. Open to open SMS messages, Call to call the sender of an SMS, Replay to reply to SMS, Close to dismiss SMS, SMS templates to reply with an SMS that has been made before, Pop-Up for accessing the menu "+" to be able to choose to use FaceTime or Skype to make calls to the sender of the message.

Another interesting feature is the photo in the message list. Without seeing the name of the sender of the message, you know to whom you are sending an SMS message before clicking on them. You can set this feature in the menu settings> privacy. You can also set each other what is displayed when the screen is in a state of lock. So do not worry if there are people who pick up your phone when you are away from the iPhone. They will not be able to read the existing SMS on your iPhone. settings in the Settings menu first page.

With this application you can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time. These are generally used to say happy birthday to a friend or girlfriend at midnight. Or you are already scheduled SMS boyfriend to say goodnight, have a meal and others. To access this feature tap the "+" next to your mailbox and click on the clock. From here you can create a schedule to send SMS.

Some other interesting features of this best Cydia apps such as sending SMS via BiteSMS (not from your provider), auto forwarding, delayed sanding, character counter, timestamp and much more. This can all be accessed by downloading the image fear tap on the right of the screen. As with other SMS application, the application also has its own emoticons. So if you are bored with the existing emoticons from the iPhone can replace it with this application. And New Tech sense emoticons of application is more unique than the default iPhone.


Pink color that is characteristic of one of the best Cydia apps seems less preferable users and developers aware of it. Starting from version 6 developer added a feature to change the icon to an icon-like messaging application. When creating a new message through the volume or notification center, you will get a new look as the look New Tweet on iOS
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10 November 2012 08.35

What's a pity! My iphone had been sold! ;-(

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