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Reveals Secrets Behind How Thin New iMac

Sabtu, 03 November 20120 komentar

If the foregoing discussion focuses on Apple courage to immediately write off features that are outdated by the latest generation iMac revolutionized design, now an analyst Apple wanted to talk about the secrets of the super-thin iMac generation.

You must have known that the size of the thickness to 2 pieces of the latest generation of Apple's iMac just 5mm only, and the size is 40 percent smaller than the previous generation. With a thickness, the iMac also went on to become an all-in-one PC thinnest in the world. IHS analyst Vinita Jakhanwal says that the key to super-slim design lies in its LCD display, which recorded 45 percent thinner than previous generations.

"IMac Display received less attention than necessary to get," said Vinita Jakhanwal at Wired. "If the thickness of an LCD display capable of approaching OLED display, then it is a really cool thing."

Previously, OLED displays have often known as the displays are thinner and lighter than LCD displays. However, the use of the LCD display on the latest iMac seems to be able to change the stigma. Using a similar process applied to the iPhone 5, Apple could incorporate an LCD panel with a layer of glass and be able to eliminate the gap / 2 mm air gaps were found in previous models.

"Apple uses optical bonding (lamination) of an LCD panel on a layer of glass that has been strengthened," said NPD DisplaySearch analyst Paul Semenza. "This eliminates the gap / air gaps between the glass panels, which then reduces the overall thickness and optical bonding technique eliminates reflections are present in between the inside cover with the outside of the glass panel, and it will improve the quality of the picture."

In addition to a much thinner display, Apple iMac overhaul case for using a process called friction stir welding (FSW) to combine with the front plate back plate. This process has been commonly used in the manufacture of aircraft wings, tanks with rocket boosters and other components in a space shuttle.

The license for this unique manufacturing process Apple obtained from an independent research firm and technology in the UK, the TWI Ltd., And Apple is the first consumer electronics company to do so.
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