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Recent Dev Kit Specifications Leaked PlayStation 4 'Orbis'

Jumat, 02 November 20120 komentar

Toward the end of 2012, many gamers are looking forward to the arrival of enthusiastic new generation of their favorite gaming console. After Nintendo sure that they will release the Wii U for the U.S. on 18 November, Sony reportedly now also begun sending PlayStation 4 development kit (codename Orbis) to the developers.

VG247 reported that there are 4 pieces shipped version of the dev kit, and everything appears still in a very raw form alias PC that has been modified by A10 APU from AMD. APU itself stands for Accelerated Processing Unit, as well as a combination of a CPU and GPU on a single chip designed to run games with 1080p resolution, at a speed of 60fps, as well as in 3D, all without any slowdown at all.

Dev kit is reportedly also use between 8GB and 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage capacity (not certain SSD or HDD), an optical drive to a Blu-ray playback, and various input / output standard that is also found in the PlayStation 3 such as HDMI, Ethernet as well as Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind that the dev kit is used generally higher specifications than are actually needed, plus a larger RAM for debugging purposes. The final product will likely use a smaller specification. VG247 also reported that the dev kit is not produced in Japan and is designed with a UI that will allow users to switch when playing a game while installing updates in the background simultaneously.

PlayStation reportedly will be sold at a "very affordable," and VG247 believe that Sony is ready to show off PlayStation 4 before E3 2013. Are you ready to leave your PlayStation 3?
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