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Lomography Fisheye camera No.. 2, Fun Photography Experience With 35mm Film

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Fisheye camera re-introduced in 2005, the Lomography Fisheye No.. 2 This brings a number of changes, mainly in the bulb mode. This will allow you to capture a longer exposure and an MX switch, which allows you to manage multiple exposures on the same piece of film.

Like its predecessor, Lomo Fisheye No.. 2 presents nearly 180 degree field of view with 35mm film. Films of this type are still relatively easy to get. For those of you who do not know him, Lomography is a company that has brought back a lot of Reincarnation analog photography. This proved very popular with unique designs in a variety of styles.

Lomography cameras are known to the uniqueness of the shooting results. This uniqueness includes the light, ghosting, flare, and other unusual properties, which most users believe that this is an appeal from the photo itself.

Lomography Fisheye camera No.. 2 valued at about £ 79 in the UK and $ 75 in the United States. Equipped with optical viewfinder mounted on the camera hotshoe. This allows you to more accurately assess the composition, than you can do on camera that its predecessors did not have this accessory.

A fixed aperture is f / 8 is available on the camera while the shutter speed is limited to 1/100 sec in your standard, or as long as you need in bulb mode. Estimated focal length lens is 10mm.

Made with quality and Easy to Use

Lomography Fisheye No.. 2, available in a variety of fun designs, such as Python, Faded Denim, and Vibrant Orange. Perhaps the most striking aspect of this camera is spherical fisheye lens in front of him. Again, like most cameras Lomography camera, Fisheye No.. 2 very light, because it is made from plastic, yet strong enough and ready to carry anywhere.

In this camera, you are free to concentrate on composition. Switch that you will only find in the Lomography Fisheye No.. 2 serves to distract from your standard shutter speed of 1/100 sec to bulb mode. There is also a Lock mode, which will stop you if you accidentally switch to bulb mode.

On the back of the camera there is a "MX" switch, which stands for multiple exposure. As with other Lomography cameras, Fisheye No. 2 was able to create an unlimited multiple exposures on a single film frame. This allows you to use some unique effects, creative, and unpredictable.

The camera comes with a lens cover that protects the gum fisheye optics. A circular viewfinder at the top of the camera, is designed to provide guidance on how the composition of the image will change. Although you have to remember that it's not going exactly as you see through the viewfinder, due to parallax error, it is a useful addition to the original fisheye camera.

A button on the back of the camera are provided to rotate the film after each frame is taken. While this can make it a little frustrating for those who are accustomed to using automatic cameras (and digital course). But at least this will help prevent the film is wasted, because the next picture can not be taken before you move on to the next film.

Camera Performance

Like all cameras Lomography Fisheye, relatively difficult to give an overview of the performance of the camera, since most of them depend on the film used, and the privilege of the camera itself.

Types of films are recommended for best results by using 400 ASA films in bright conditions. Film with ASA 800 is a good choice if you want to take pictures in darker conditions or shade.

As a fisheye lens, the image produced on the film will be curved at the edges, but do not make a complete circle. Depending on the brightness of the condition, sometimes the barrel of the lens itself can be seen in the pictures, but often black edges on the frame can be seen.

As you would expect from fisheye optics, the resulting image will have some distortion, but this is what adds to its appeal. Especially when shooting buildings and architecture, which takes an unusual perspective when taking images with Lomo Fisheye No.. 2.


Lomography Fisheye camera No.. 2 is a camera that is light and fun, ready to accompany your adventure. Use with your favorite digital camera for something different from the usual.

One of the Lomo cameras are interesting to experiment. No. fisheye. 2 is one of Lomography products are worth a try. In addition to saving the cost of image processing, the camera will also give you a pleasant experience in the world of 35mm film photography.
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