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Increasingly Popular, 3 of 4 smartphones are Android!

Jumat, 02 November 20120 komentar

Android is increasingly popular, but how popular? To know the exact popularity of Google's mobile OS, you can listen to a recent report from research agency IDC below.

From the latest data collected IDC, Android dominate 75% of the global smartphone market in the third quarter of 2012. As an illustration, if there are 4 smartphones were sold then the 3 of them are Android smartphones. It is an achievement that surpasses the achievements Android in the previous quarter and no doubt Android phone is now in the hands of more users.

According to the IDC, in Q3 2012 total smartphones sold were 181.1 million units. With this amount can be calculated that the Android smartphones sold in the world is 135.82 million units. Unusually large numbers!

^ Shipment volumes in million units (source: IDC)

Android since its debut in 2008, continues to demonstrate a brilliant achievement. Every year, Android has always made ​​a significant improvement. Even the predictions of the leading research institutions such as Gartner, comScore and Nielsen always answered Google with Android sales increase each quarter and year.

In addition to Android, the only mobile OS that dominate the market in the two digits are Apple's iOS with 14.9%. Mobile OS such as RIM BlackBerry only affects 4.3% of the mobile market. So it is with Microsoft's Windows Phone OS that still have to keep fighting to win the hearts of consumers and increasingly abandoned Symbian users.

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