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How to Use HTML Email Signature iOS 6

Sabtu, 03 November 20120 komentar

Unlike the iOS 5, iOS 6 has the ability to add HTML support on signatures. You can add any HTML into your email signature on your iPhone, iPod Touch iPad tau that run iOS 6. Please follow the steps as below.

The easiest step is to download Nitro HTML applications. This is an HTML editor application for iPad, iPhone / iPod Touch and you can get free.

Nitro HTML have an HTML page as an example but if you do not want to use it, you can start a new page. Run the application and then tap on the HTML Nitro More button is in the upper right. Tap on New Page to get a basic HTML page. Love the name on the page and then tap once to confirm. Next you'll get a new page with the greeting "Hello World! '. Separate section showing the HTML code at the top and the rendered web page at the bottom.

Next you just need to delete 'Hello World!' And type your name in there. Then move the cursor to the other side where you can find the </ b>. You need to tap on the HTML button </> is at the top of sehingg selection and cursor movement can more freely. When the cursor is already there at the end of the line, tap the Insert button is at the top of the screen and select Horizontal line. Tap Insert again and select "Hyperlink."

Put the URL between the quotes, right next to the <a href = area. Furthermore, delete the placeholder text that shows the word Hyperlinked Text, change the name of the link that you create. example:

<b>Nama Anda</b><hr />
<a href=âhttp://xi-news.blogspot.comâ
>Ne Info</a>

If the HTML you've made as you want, tap the Page button is at the top of the screen. Tap and hold on the screen to highlight the web page. Tap on the copy that is on the bottom of the screen, and then run the Settings app.

Go to Mail, Conctacts, Calendar, scroll down to Signature. Tap in the area to create a signature for every account you have. Tap into the area at the bottom of the account you want, tap & hold, and paste.

Well, now you have a signature that link to your Twitter account, a personal website / company, or other links that you want. Good luck!

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