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How to Make a Book of the Blog

Sabtu, 10 November 20120 komentar

You must have never heard of a number of bestselling books whose content is drawn from the author's blog. Not a few bloggers who are trying to meet their blogs with content for later compiled into a book printed. But how many are successful and marketable?

If you are a blogger and have been wanting to immortalize your writing it in a book, Scott Berkun in his blog to share tips for you. Scott cited a story Diary of Anne Frank was previously only a single post, coupled with the new post-post and eventually sticking to the popular book. There is also a den Motaigne Michel, known as the inventor of the essay, he wrote a book that does not have a single topic, but the fact that Montaigne and his book became so famous.

According to Scott, lots of books and blogs that have the same format as can be found in Anne Frank and Montaigne, with a number of differences that must be considered:
- The quality of writing is posted on the blog
- The time sequence of each post
- The level of interest in readers for your posts

If you want to make your blog posts into a book, then you need to look popular books from the blog post. There you can see how bloggers stringing words or take the themes that attract readers.

Another way that disarakan Scott is menyusung blog post into a draft for a book you want to create. Then ask the opinion of friends or readers of your blog on the composition and content of the book. Ask for feedback about the things you need to insert in the chapter that seem empty and ask what topics they want to tune each part of the book.

If you find a crack or chapters appear unrelated to each other, you need to do is:
- Add a new post / new chapter
- Change the order of postings in the book
- You can throw a post if you deem not 'connect'
- Rewrite one / more of your content articles so fit and leaves no irregularities

According to Scott, with 4 way your book will look much better despite the fact that there are no standard rules in writing a book. You are the author then you would also have to determine what kind of book you want to write. Well, do not wait too long. Begin selecting your blog post for you collected in the draft of the book you will make. Congratulations work!
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