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Five options Sennheiser Headphones Latest in Year 2012

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Currently the German audio company, shows extensinya seinnheiser back with the launch of headphones sennheiser in the country. When viewed in terms of the performance of these devices has advantages fifth respectively - each, consumers can choose according to their needs. entire headset device is already available in the market. As to whether the advantages of the latest products from Seinhesser fifth this. Please refer to the review of New Tech one by one.

Sennheiser Amperior

sennheiser headphones are designed specifically like the Sennheiser HD 25 DJ legend. DJ, Sennheiser Amperior can be connected to iPad, iPhone and iPod and comes with a microphone for memempermudah while dialing. With a unique combination Amperior claimed as headsets with the best sound and design.

Sennheiser amperior allows the die-hard fans to enjoy the music even when they are traveling clubs. luxury aluminum in packaging proves that professional sound and elegant design is sound combined. These headphones come with a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug. And inside there are neodymium magnets provide natural sound frequencies up to 12,000 hertz. Unmitigated These headphones also offer all that is needed for a unique sound experience when while you are traveling. Amperior a perfect combination in terms of sound, style and function.

Sennheiser Amperior U 320

Not much different from amperior Headphones are also equipped with a microphone is designed specifically for gamers, headphones are claimed to present the best sound and more consistent. U 320 has a design that is quite comfortable use. With an open style design makes your head cool and quirky cushion is not that hard, to make sure the ear pads can be adjusted automatically, so as to produce a comfortable gaming experience and sensational. U 320 ensures the best conditions to enjoy your favorite games.

Sennheiser CX 275s

For a device that is the first universal headsets made by Sennheiser and can serve for most common brands of smartphones. CX 275s are equipped with in-line microphone that works with a remote for easy setup and track calls.

By empowering a dynamic speaker systems and high-powered, bass stereo sound incredible claims. CX 275s can be used on any mobile phone. we often have to buy a headset from the same cell phone company to make sure it can function properly, it is not necessary anymore because the CX 275 has be available to you.

Sennheiser HD 700

is Seinnheiser headphones that infiltrate into the premium class. Sennheiser HD 700 is referred to as a dynamic stereo headphones combine high-end sound with an innovative headphone design. HD 700 has a perfect combination with the sophisticated design of a product. In style and material selection have been thought to mature and as detailed as possible for potential sepenuhnyadimanfaatkan voice. Closing of the ear headphones are designed in such a way that the sound waves are directed towards the ear in the right position.

The result is a listening experience natural sounds impressive. To ensure that the clear nature of the headphones is not compromised by the partial vibrations, the transducer is equipped HD 700 has a built-in high-precision gauze made of a stainless. Ear pads are made of high quality microfiber which promises comfort during use. In the HD 700 are fulfilled all the wishes of the most demanding music lovers even better in terms of visual appearance and incredible sound quality.

Sennheiser Momentum

Actually Sennheiser Momentum is still part of the family Sennheiser Style Selection. With a minimalist design and an appropriate resolution, make these headphones look as simple and timeless yet stylish look. Also equipped with a 3.5 mm stereo jack plug which illustrates that these headphones can be connected to any media player.

A number of buttons are made of metal protective elegant enough to adjust the volume, select music, pick up the phone and voice control. With models like this will certainly attract yet minimalist, making momentum into the perfect accessories for those who have a passion for audio quality that has a unique style.
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