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Download Best iPad Game Rise To Fame: The Music RPG iOS 2012

Kamis, 01 November 20120 komentar

Rise To Fame: The Music RPG, RPG Game iOS With Music Themes

Bored with the theme of the fight game RPG, adventure hero and others? You need to play a new game iOS Rise To Fame The Music RPG. This RPG type game berceritakan way a band from the ground up. The band is what you control to achieve success. Maybe games like this will give a different flavor to lovers of RPG games. Therefore, consider this review iOS RPG game in order to get an overview and whether it will be compatible with your gaming tastes or not.

Despite talk about a band that wants to achieve fame, the game is not too say much. We only live performances from stage to stage. This game is more focused on taking care of our ingenuity and our band playing on stage. But the leveling activity that characterizes RPG linger in this game. Every time you look there will be a bar that must be met. This bar is your success rate in the gig. If the bar is not full till time ends, the game will be finished. In addition, you also need to consider the energy and mojo (HP / SP) in order not to run out.

Your band numbered four people consisting of base, guitarist, drummer, and vocalist. All personnel have the expertise that each bar that is to be met. Since your enemy is the audience's displeasure towards your appearance. If they are not happy then you will receive a bottle to throw bombs malotov. And with a variety of skills that every band that can be overcome.

For example Star power that made the audience cheer and scream vocalist keeps statistics bar fills up a bit. Personnel or expertise that can withstand the tosses stuff from the audience. But in a pop you can only use three skills only. So be careful and smart using the right skills. Do not get the wrong kehalian used and instead spend your SP is unable to issue a variety of skills again. When you get hit by too much energy one of the personnel out, you have other personnel capable of Meng-heal (base) player and doing activities again.

Rise To Fame Game has 8 levels level. Little is yet to pass the level you need to be repeated several times in order to use the appropriate skill when performing on stage. Skill based match appropriate skills to use from any personnel. In each level there are three levels of difficulty that makes you more difficult to pass one level only. Each performance will result in fame and uang.Fame is used to open the next level and money to upgrade skills and accessories worn every personnel such as headbands, guitar, drums, and others that affect the status of each member of the band. It is important that you are more immune to throw stuff the audience and able to use the new skills that require greater energy. If you can not wait for the accumulation of fame and money game also provides IAP.

Graphically, Rise To Fame game is quite good. By drawing themed cartoon funny and unique effects. Detail is quite good even though the movement of the audience looks a bit monotonous. Disadvantages of this game lies in the limited level only available 8 degree. Another limitation of this game is a bit repetitive. Less clear is the story and the less obvious why we stoned stuff from the audience, why the more often we look even more spooky stuff thrown. However, for this fun game will keep you entertained enough music lover and especially your RPG games. It seems this game is a combination of two different dimensions. Luckily this game is provided free of charge by Developer Is My Live Entertainment BV despite fersi HD channels. For those of you who use the iPhone, this picture can be downloaded here for free. Meanwhile, if you want the full version you can buy it for $ 0.99 in the iTunes Store. So is the case with the iPad, you can get this game for free here, while the full version can be found here.
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